TmarTn has found amazing success on YouTube, creating one of the largest and most successful gaming channels around.

This has led him to be involved in many exciting things. Most recently, TmarTn was involved in the creation of the official Brady Games strategy guide for Black Ops 2!

Favorite Games:

Call of Duty series, Other FPS's (Halo, Battlefield, etc) Assassins Creed series, Uncharted series.

Known For:

Posting Call of Duty Tips and Tricks videos to the interwebz.

KF Setup:

FPS Freek - one on right stick only.

Connect with “TmarTn”

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FPS Freek Phantom


Developed for the sole purpose of being better at first-person shooters…

FPS Freek Elite


Greater accuracy and control which takes your KD ratio to the next level…

FPS Freek Havoc


For the COD player who demands the ultimate in accuracy and control…

Perfect Arsenal Phantom


Perfect Arsenal is the ultimate bundle for Halo 4 and other FPS titles…

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