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  • best aim thumbsticks

    By Affro Gaming

    great high thumbsticks, best ive played with
  • Great product, my favorite design!

    By Kevin

    Everything worked out just as stated in the demo videos, honestly can't play without these anymore.Love the skull design.
  • This was a great choice for me. They were easy to adjust to and made me a better player

    By Luke

    This was a great choice for me. They were easy to adjust to and made me a better player
  • Very good product

    By AlehasOnTop

    I had trouble with aiming before I got these but now I aim better than ever!
  • Amazing

    By MaVeN Perceptor

    Such a great product and worth the money, seriously improves accuracy and the grip is insane.
  • Amazing

    By Anthony

    These are amazing this is such a great product I use these for when I Quickscope in my shot has never been any better when I snipe!!!!
  • Very good

    By reapr

    I had a LOT of trouble with aiming before I bought the phantoms but now I can't play without them they're fantastic definitely worth the price
  • Great!

    By charlie

    I used these back in the day of Call Of Duty Ghosts all the way through to the last month of Advanced Warfare where I ended them to a friend and never got them back. They work a treat and really do improve your accuracy and they were still in near mint condition when I lent them to a friend. Convex I feel are better for snipers but these are what I fell to be best for assault rifle and mid to long range combat, as I said more of an Assault rifle gameplay. The CQC are for more SMG or shotgun play but the Phantoms are great none the less.
  • Dumb buy for me

    By Ninja

    So I brought these and was hyped to use them. But they were to high for me.
  • Great

    By Yeeeees

    The best krontrol freaks
  • Very helpful

    By Micah

    Have improved my aim alot very good must get
  • Perfect for aim

    By Andrew

    Use these or the tall bo3 sticks for aim and the short Ali a domed version for movement. Kontrol Freeks are well worth the few bucks over the cheaper brands and do improve your game with some practice. No it won't make you great if your bad, but if you want more grip and some added control they're great.
  • very good

    By Derek

    The tumbsticks are good they are very comfortable to use and very good for assault rifles in call of duty its a piece of art
  • Greatest thing i've bought for aim improvement

    By Danielsteven27

    These kontrol freeks in my opinion are the best because since I bought them I've been grinding in bo3, went from a 1.80 kd to a 2.20 thanks to these kontrol freeks

  • Decent sticks

    By Cayley007

    The height was good, but the pattern hurt my thumbs and gave me blisters. The bombshell sticks are better.
  • Awesome !

    By Rafa.408

    Definitely noticed the difference from just usin the default sticks , these were my first & was very pleased with them.
  • Easy to use

    By SorryImMae

    Easy to use, comfortable.
  • Now I can play well

    By Hi

    Good review it really worked now I can actually really play competitive call of duty
  • Awesome

    By jon

    They really did improve my accuracy and improved my game
  • Fantastic

    By AfturGlow

    I use these every day on my ps4 controller and they feel so nice. The added height and grip of them really improve my ganeplay. Highly reccomend!
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