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  • BALD

    By dEEZ nUTS

    they are better than bo3 on xbox 360 i guess so thats kewl i guess you know? YOU KNOW
  • Amazing

    By Little Debbie26

    Great for sniping.
  • Aim Asset

    By VerstiYT

    It Really Helped Me Become A Better Cod Player Since It Gave Me Some Space To Move The ThumbStick It Really Helped Me As A Sniper I Told My Friends They All Used It And Bought Them And They Are Happy Amnd I Am Happy They Really Help.
  • Great

    By Shayan

    I love these things. They improve your aim so much
  • Bo3 is the best

    By trayton

    Great great quality and it helped me to get better at cod bo3!! Worth it
  • Good Product

    By Ramon

    These Kontrol freeks are great as they offer great comfort and more accurate aiming for Shooter Games, also some people like to rest their thumbs higher than where the original analog sticks are so this helps them.

    Overall they are great.
  • Grip

    By Bigt97305

    I am using the infernos and they are just amazing. In Cod bo3 I used to get 40 kill gameplay. Now I get 60 plus kill game play.
  • Florence

    By Tyler

    Terrible got mine from game can't even hit a shot
  • These are amazing!!!

    By AntStackz

    These are amazing, definitely improves accuracy and an overall better sniping experience. HIGHLY RECOMMEND.
  • Good for the Right Thumbstick

    By NbdyL1k3sYou

    Love the length and control these Freeks offer. I have big hands and these Freeks work perfectly for them. No cramping after long gaming sessions.
    They do have a little slide to them if your hands get sweaty but still work great. I do prefer the Vortex Freek for the right thumbstick due to the better grip, but you get two for the price of one with the Snipr pack (considering you only use these for the right thumbstick). Great buy. Highly recommend.
  • Point ON

    By Yazzy

    Amazing accuracy for real !!!!
  • I cant play without Kontrol Freeks

    By Damageddarth

    I cant play without Kontrol Freeks anymore.If you want an upgrade in gaming accuracy get Kontrol Freeks
  • Really good

    By Net

    The are good for black ops and it helps you do things faster so I really recommend this to a friend
  • Love KontrolFreeks :D

    By Maged

    1v1'd my mate and destroyed him :)
  • Highly Recommended

    By MastaNameless

    If you prefer domed sticks then these are made just for you. Not only will they help your aim, but they are much more comfortable than the stock sticks.
  • These are Awesome Kontrol Freeks As Well

    By nyrobwartime

    This is also one of my favorite Kontrol Freeks besides the signature ones. Excellent to use and very comfortable as well.
  • They are the best

    By WombedAphid9483

    I have played with them for a few months now and I took them off a few days ago and I couldn't play without them!
  • Amazing

    By Nishant

    This is a amazing Kontrol Freek, had one for over 1/2 year and has been treating me well.
    Thanks Kontrol Freeks :D
  • Excellent

    By Paul

    These on the right stick and the CQCX on the left and for me it's a perfect set-up. If you play COD then you need these. Great middle ground, just long enough to make long distance aiming better but still short enough for those quick cqc gun battles
  • Superb accuracy

    By Dills

    I was sceptical on these at first. After ordering this product and getting the feel for the convex thumb sticks my accuracy with snipers in Halo 5 and Call of Duty Black Ops III increase by at least 40%. My k/d went up from a 2.0 to a 2.5. This product is absolutely amazing!
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