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  • Love them so much

    By Barry

    The look nice and work very well I can't use play without using them
  • awsome

    By KitnFy

    i use this on my xbox one and it is great i love the dome feel and it just looks awsome also
  • takes some time to adapt, but works perfectly

    By Affro Gaming

    amazing grip
  • Amazing!

    By Survey

    I bought these months ago and I still have them to this day! Extremely comfortable and it really helped me with my aim. Amazing quality!
  • Perfect

    By Baja

    Although through wear n tear, the rubber comes off and need to be reglued, that is a minimal issue compared to how awesome these are. I've been using the same pair for nearly four years now and they're still fresh.
  • GR8

    By les

    brilliant quality
  • SWEET!!

    By Ty

    Loved loved looooovvveeeddd, amazing work well and look cool one of my many favorites! 10/10 recommend
  • Amazing

    By Hvan

    Honestly Kontrol freeks are the most helpful thing u can buy to get better. Use these ones as ur starter if u have never had kontrol freeks.
  • amazing

    By rossy224

    theses thumb sticks are brilliant and definitely help with your aim i recommend buying a pair
  • Good Product

    By zGordi

    These kontrol freaks feels better than the regular thimbsticks. Definitely helps your aim
  • Amazing Product

    By MattyQ

    Bought these for PS3 a while ago. They lasted me 3 years and finally wore out. Great product for the money spent and definitely improved comfort and aiming for the time I had them.
  • Not bad

    By DK

    This is a great product but for me it is too big for my hands.
  • Worth Its Value

    By Nabz

    You should buy these, they really improved my gameplay!
  • Great

    By Cheezy dude68

    These things are amazing the have uped my game big time
  • Amazing

    By Johnny

    They look and feel so amazing on my controller.
  • amazing

    By bigbilly

    they seem to have uped my game
  • Not bad

    By Embo

    Had a pair once until i sold wish i didnt though they were great
  • Works good

    By Matie660

    Works good for every game i play but the rubber came of after one year
  • Wonderful

    By Babe

    I recommend 10/10
  • Verry durable and comfortable

    By Darthbadguy

    If your looking for just something to put on with grip and slightly quicken your reflexes these are great, I have had them for a month now and so far so good
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