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  • Love them.

    By John

    K/D went up after a few games, can't live without them.
  • Excelent

    By Lee

    Must have 100%
  • Great

    By Filip12032

    I tried this product at a friends house and i was amazed at how great it worked! The second i got home i went to order order one.
  • Comfortable

    By Victor

    These thumbsticks are really comfortable fit well and increase your game I have noticed that my stats have gone up and have stayed constant I have since increased the sensitivity on my controller to get my gameplay on point. Worth every penny I will be buying another set when I get my PS4 console TY KF
  • Amazing

    By Abrham

    Honestly I was pretty sceptical about Kontrol Freeks but once I bought these I instantly saw improvement in my aiming and personally I'm certain I will be buying a new set of kontrol freeks again
  • Feels great

    By Thecoolguy

    Being both comfortable and practical, I couldn't ask for more! Excellent job KontrolFreek
  • 10/10

    By Comrade

    9/11 Works all of the time, the selection for ps3 and 360 is diminishing tho.
  • Great

    By DeadEnd

    It's Great ! Insane to play with
  • oh yes...

    By antwizz74

    19 kills right out the gate.Destiny.I usually have to warm up first to get those type of numbers.
  • ecxalent

    By coolnick837

    this kontrol freek is awsome it feels like your walking on air and evrything about is awsome like the color grip evrythin thx you kontrol free
  • Y wouldn't u buy these???

    By Dmaster9494

    These really do help with gaming. More direct and faster aiming. Seriously for something under 20$ why wouldn't u buy these there totally worth it.
  • I'm happy I bought kontrol freeks

    By Tito

    I'm glad I had bought these kontrol freeks, they have made me a better player. Also for a first time user I really recommend these ones.
  • So cool

    By Javiz

    Great product I rate 1000/1000 Really work
  • They truly work

    By CWhirt910

    Glad I actually bought kontrol freeks, been using them for years now because they truly do help improve your skills when playing games like CoD, Destiny, or Halo. They are definitely worth buying.
  • Amazing

    By Goats

    These make gaming feel so much better and have really I'm proved my gaming all around
  • Great!

    By FlyingNinja1230

    Great product I rate 10/10
  • They are the best!!!

    By DJ

    OUt of all the dontrol freeks these are the best I have them both on on Xbox one and ps4. If i were you I would get them!!!!
  • GOOD

    By Angel

    these are so good they will raise your K/D up
  • it is nice indeed

    By koolkrazymexxy

    been using them for a month and its great
  • They are the best !!!!

    By OGSupremee

    Out of all the kontrol freeks these are the best I have then both on on Xbox one and ps4! If I were you I will get them!!!!
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