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  • Best One the Market for FPS

    By Matthew

    Best KontrolFreak I've ever owned. Only issue was the wear on the side, but I guess that's expected after 1000+ hours of playing.
  • It really works good

    By Killa

    I used it and it was awesome it works for most of the games
  • Excellent

    By Beast

    Before having the grips i would go 5-15. After the grips i can easily go 70-0 with no struggle. These grips changed my life
  • Awesome!

    By Bob

    They're pretty sick, I recommend the PHANTOM on right and CQC on left trigger.
  • On of the best

    By WizenAlarm6402

    If you want a gift for a friend this would me the best if he is a call of duty gamer
  • A must BUY!!!

    By Quessmq

    From a beginner to a pro everyone needs these grips
    One minute your a SNIPER
    Then your running and Gunning
    Or you just want an all-round better Performance? Why not buy these Grips There The BEST
  • Great set,

    By Jahfey

    Wether your a first time buyer or you got almost every pair, this is an amazing set, ESPECIALLY for the 1st timers cause it's got everything you need for whatever style, you a run' and gunner, equip the cqc signature and go on a tear, long range sniper? Throw the snipr's on and pick em' off from a mile away, like assault rifle and playing mid range, or you the type that does a little bit of everything and adapting to your opponent's? Go on the fly and equip the PHANTOM, and out smart and work your opponent's, either way, your in for a treat with this set!.
  • Great Product

    By Shayan

    Wow amazing really improves accuracy

    By MAX

  • Amazing!

    By Steven

    Soooo good. Definitely recommend
  • Improve your gameplay by 100%

    By Swagman4401

    You better buy control freaks they are the best if you want to get better at playing fist person shooting games like call of duty franchise and i want you to buy yourself a pair of control freaks and you will see how great they are
  • Excellent

    By AE86Fiend

    Excellent product, cant imagine playing without them now. Highly Recommend
  • Can't live without them!!!!!

    By Bradletro22

    My purchase of the Perfect Arsenal was well worth it, my personal favorite is a combo of the CQC on the left stick and the SNIPR on the right stick in my experience this setup greatly improved my gaming sessions this combo allows me to effectively snap to my shots and turn on enemies efficiently with little effort and when I'm not using this combo I often play with two CQC extenders this pack is overall great for any gamer no matter what your play style is. Now that I have used them I can't play any other way I need my Perfect Arsenal!!!!!!!
  • Perferct for a gamer

    By Jshak

    The best part about these grips are the perfection. They grip on to the level of comfort while playing. No dead sore thumbs.
  • Perfect Arsenal

    By Chuck

    Great product, really helped out my shots. Just what you need to customize your controller.
  • Cannot get enough

    By ImTheBlueRanger

    I have been using FPS and CQC freeks for the 5+ years and I can't imagine playing without them. That's why when I recently upgraded to Xbox One I had to also buy the freeks to go along with it. This pack offered everything I wanted, definitely an awesome deal.
  • Excellent. Love having a mix.

    By Swampy103

    This was the perfect starting point for me. I have mixed and matched a few different combinations, they look and feel great too. Highly recommended.
  • KFS

    By ItsMonkeyHulk

    So about a month or two ago, I bought these from seeing them on youtube, thought I would give them a try, and went down to bestbuy, and picked up the phantom ones, I wanted the green kfs but the only way to get them was in a double pack so it was 20 bucks and phantom was 15 so I went with those. and at first I got to say it was uncomfortable to play with them, but when I took them off, It was different playing normal sticks so I kept using them now I can't play with anything else I'm playing alot more, now cuz I've double my KD in cod, in like two weeks and I'm no pro but now who knows.
  • perfect aresenal phantom

    By big dook

    So I purchased the phantom bundle, funny thing is the phantom ones were not within the package. Instead in its place were the vortex set. Witch is perfect because I wanted those anyway. Thanks kf.

    By Caboom

    awesome heaps more KILLS bring it on KF
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