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  • fast and nice

    By TheChicanoGamer

    keep it on stand buy after every game session
  • Cleanfreak

    By Serjfang

  • Best in slot

    By Venom

    Ive used rubbing alcohol, soap cloths, as well as Windex to clean my controllers I'm the past. These other products will eventually work once you have worked it into your controller, however, made it a tedious task to do on a regular basis. CleanFreak works miracles! Apply a small amount with minimal pressure as you wipe off the gunk in seconds! Thank you all at KontrolFreek for another great product!!
  • Clean

    By 4did4s1

    Great Product!
  • Good

    By Issac

    Clean very good
  • Clean

    By Mr-advendo

    It cleans very good
  • Great product

    By Kalman

    This product works awesome!!! Great product
  • Great

    By 4dId4s

    Does what its suppose to do.
  • Nice m8

    By Vod

    Veri gud stuf
  • Excellent

    By Luke

    Brought one before does the job perfectly
  • Clean!

    By Jarko

    Its very clean and good
  • works great

    By Jack

    works really good to clean your gaming gear

    By Levin

    This product is amazing at cleaning the grease and dust off your controller
  • Its alright

    By Mavs21441

    Bought this off Amazon.... I noticed it cleaned real nice but the liquid had a nasty smell to it I do not know if it was expired or something... Cleans the controllers real nice and also removes skin build in the cracks of the controller.
  • cool to have

    By Rajan

    cleans the small difficult parts on controller
  • Cleans

    By Anthony

    Yo this can keep your glasses and controller clean too
  • Cleaner

    By Baseballbeast

    The cleaner is great made my hands stop sweating and I played so much better
  • Works

    By Isaia garcia

    The spray worka great my control feels brand new!!!
  • Brand new

    By Owewalt

    Alright so after having sticky fingers on my controller My controller was just disgusting. With CleanFreek it literally took a swipe and it was as if it was brand new! Thank You Kontrol Freek for making a product thats great and it smells really good.
  • The smell is why you should buy it.

    By Benjamin

    I used it on my controller and it worked really good and it smelled really good too.
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