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  • Great

    By Jeff

    For me, its easier to keep on target when the enemy is on the move with these sticks. Didnt take long to get use to using them.
  • Epic!

    By BennyJP

    My first and best Kontrol Freeks! Works perfectly in shooters and with the high right KF you have a great advantage over others!
  • Interesting!

    By Jeff

    These things actually work quite well in destiny. Can keep sight on target while itarget is moving. Got use to using the new sticks really quick. Amazing!
  • So good

    By Force

    This product helps aim so much!
  • Game Changing

    By Conspiracy

    Just got these in today, and I must say.. I truly was in some doubt about them, and Kontrol Freeks overall. And honestly, they helped quite a bit with my aim, precision itself, even target inquisition. My only arguable defect, which is of course a personal problem, is it makes jump shotting with Tactical, or Default, a bit more difficult, but do-able of course.
  • Game changer!

    By Bear

    This product changed the way I play! I move quicker, aim better, and my hands don't get tired. If you don't think they're working, try taking them off after using them for a week or so. You'll know right away.
  • The product is good!

    By Ika

    I used these for all kinds of games, FPS, Fighting, and 3rd Person action/adventure. They were helping me in all of them and are very comfortable. I would definitely recommend this, its my favorite freek.
  • Works for me

    By Jeff

    These actually seem to work well once you get use to using them. I'm able to keep on target even when the enemy is on the move.
  • vortex xbox one

    By flasperflims

    these are a very nice addition to my collection they are the reason my K/D ratio in black ops 3 is so good so thanks kontrolfreaks
  • Great help

    By Jason

    These have changed the way I play so much less hand fatigue. More control than I could have imagined.
  • It cool when u play GTA 5

    By Brayan Martinez

    It fascinating
  • Best thing ever

    By TheRealLilGramz. I have Xbox one

    I got these as a gift and they are amazing. It took me a while to adjust to the height distance from the buttons now I can't play with bout it. KONTROLFREEK NATION!!
  • Too good!

    By Daniel

    It felt so amazing and helps so much in game my kid was 0.5, now it's 1.2 no joke, AMAZING!
  • Amazing

    By Mr. J

    These are very helpful when playing because they help increase your accuracy by giving you more range of motion for the thumb-sticks.
  • Game changer!

    By Landon

    I was skeptical when I first decided to order, and it took a little time to get used to them but they up'ed my game.
  • Use these for sniping

    By Cody

    Would recommend these just for sniping helped me out a lot with the high sensitivity
  • These are amazing, would definitly recommend

    By Joker

    I recently bought these kontrol freeks and i have have to say these are by far my most favorite pair that i have right now i would definitly recommend these to someone who plays call of duty and needs more precision aiming my k.d. ratio went from .90 to 1.60 after i started using these and got used to them.
  • Great

    By Yes

    They feel amazing while you are playing and help me a lot in cod
  • its lit

    By pmandragon

    They are the best!!!

    By charlie

    Amazing product, great for sniping and gunplay in general. I really recommend for destiny.
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