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  • Really good

    By Brayden

    My kontrol freeks work so well and help my aim! There great!!
  • Amazing

    By T

    They are amazing things and really do help with comfort and kontrol
  • Great

    By Swavyboiiy

    I had these and they worked very good I recommend people to buy this
  • Great Thumbsticks Not So Great Cleaning Solution

    By Kutzki

    Lol, the Vortex thumbsticks are AWESOME. Super fun to play with! CleanFreek though, the solution was smudgy, smelled a little bit strange, and it cleaned OK, I supposed, but it shouldn't be that funky of a smell, it should be a CLEAN smell. Foam is a weird thing to clean devices/controllers with. Lol 3 Stars because I was buying this mainly for the cleaning solution, and it failed me.
  • Perfect

    By Panda

    This was an amazing purchase. The vortex feel nice on my thumbs and the clean freek is used to clean off my controllers and my phone screen.
  • assom

    By nicolas

    i really enjoy the vortex and the cleanfreek is nice an the price is OK
  • Absolutely Perfect

    By srmklive

    I absolutely love the FPS Vortex one. They have really helped me aim better in COD Ghosts & Titanfall on Xbox one.

    I also love the Clean Freek. I have used it to clear dirt of my laptop, phone and xbox one controller.

    Overall a great bundle. Highly recommended.
  • Soooooo clean!

    By Real_Killa-99

    After a long gaming session, this is ended to remove the greasy sweatyness that your hands down leave behind. Works like a charm.
  • Helpful!

    By Yodagamer1

    Alright lets just get into it this is very helpful in COD.
  • You definitely need this!

    By Jorge

    I loved the FPS Freek Vortex out of the box! Feel so comfortable and really helped my aim, especially since the ps4 sticks are to small, so the vortex make them the perfect size!

    As for CleanFreek it works like a charm, all of the dirt and grease left out of my controllers, my freek thumbsticks, my smartphone and my laptop!

    Overal an amazing bundle of producta and I highly recommend both!
  • Very Useful

    By Eternal

    Went to my friends house and used some of this,, Have to order me some this stuff is amazing.
  • Limpia bien

    By lasow

    Genial para adecentar el mando
  • Stuff is a lot more clean

    By Beastlyninja1901

    This is great for when you are dusting off those old ps3 controllers. Not gonna play with dust on my hands!
  • super useful

    By luke

    gets all the grime and dirt of all my equipment
  • Buen producto

    By juan

    Es un buen producto
  • Great products!

    By Cay

    Definitely recommend getting these products! Vortex thumbsticks are beyond helpful for my gaming and the cleaning solution really cleans the controllers well and gets the grime off of them! Happy gaming guys!!
  • great

    By joey

    IT is good but you might have to get use to it but overall it is a great product
  • comfort

    By Brandon

    it is really comfortable when you put them on your controller
  • dfdf

    By fdsfds

    its great makes your controller non stick and grime and dirt free
  • It works, sometimes...

    By Justin

    This is a good product but it does not work on 3rd party controllers that well... I have a Scuf Infinity1 and it doesn't work to well... My other controller looks brand new though! It smells like Mountain Dew awkwardly!
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