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  • It will change your game

    By Charly soto

    This product is amazing u mostly play fifa and call of duty so I couldn't decide on these or a bigger ones, so here's my tip for you put these one on the left and a high rised one on the right and thrust me it'll be the best thing
    Improved my chances in front of my opponents on both games
  • Amazing

    By Shameless

    Amazing product would recommend to anyone
  • Amazing

    By Alex

    This product will help you a lot in any games. I recomend you to but my friends
  • Amazing

    By Danny

    This is so good it feels great works perfect would recomend
  • Best

    By Paiman

    omg it looks Sick! they fell so good i play black ops with it lol
  • Nce

    By Conor

    Nice looking grips and great for minimal thumb slippage in-game.
  • Good but poor quality

    By David

    Bought these and they felt amazing, but they kept popping of and they got bad grip after a month because of usage. They then broke. They felt amazing and was helpfull but needs better quality
  • Great Product

    By AliveRook

    Best ever I have
  • Great

    By Jorge

    I know some of you are fifa die fans so why not make the game better and smoother? I like them
  • Really great grips!

    By Major

    My friend and I love Fifa and these grips make it so smooth to play! 100%
  • highly recommended !

    By dedalus2k

    I am newbie for fifa 16 and I wanted a better control for dribbling. Analog stick on Dualshock4 pad was way too short and uncomfortable for subtle movements for dribbling. After putting this Futbol Freek to my controller, however, dribbling became much more fun and efficient. The key to dribbling in fifa series is LS analog stick. This product greatly boosts the control. Even on legendary level, without any skill moves, you can easily lay off defenders only with LS control. I've recorded some dribbling practices using Futball Freek.

    For me, this product changed the gaming experience a lot. I highly recommend this Futbol Freek for football game fans.
  • Perfect thumbs

    By ced

    Those are just amazing for racing games and every sports game such as NHL and Fifa. I absolutely love them and they helped me much more, they feel really good in hands.
  • Best For Fifa16

    By Ethan

    Helped Me Shoot The Ball 10 Times Better
  • Does more than you think!!!

    By Skyjump79

    So I saw these and thought why in the world do they need FIFA16 Kontrol freeks. My friend is soccer baller at FIFA and kicks my butt every game. I gave him these and well he kicked my butt even more!!! He switched his controls and that made his thumbsticks more dominant. He was curving shots left and right through my goalie! He did not change the pass assist at all. his passes were on point. He could place a free kick perfectly at half field! Buy it!!! It does more than you think.
  • Excellent grips

    By Xavi

    I've had these for over a year now and I can't play without them. The PS4 joy sticks tend to become slippery from sweat and moisture on your thumbs after playing for a while but these grips prevent that from ever happening. Def recommend!
  • Nice

    By Tavr

    I love it
  • Perfect for PS4 controller.

    By brad_thegamer

    My mate got me into this and WOW!!!! Perfect for FIFA 16, good quality I highly recommend it!!!!
  • Great

    By Andre

    Great product
  • slight issues

    By Ben

    I purchased this product around 2 weeks ago and although great at the start, the top layer of rubber is begging to peal away and although not effecting performance, it does bug me when im playing.
  • Works great for my Xbone and Wii U Pro Controller!

    By Thaddeus47

    I bought these to match my white controller for both my Xbone and Wii U Pro Controller. I wasn't expecting much and thought these were more aesthetic than anything. After gaming with them for a while, you understand that the longer travel means better pinpoint aiming during shooter games. Now I realize I need the taller ones as I feel I need more control.

    One caveat with these is it tends to pop out when you're really aggressive with the joysticks. It happened on both my Xbone and Wii U Pro Controller a few times during heated close quarter combat (Moving it really fast in one direction and then hitting the end of the radius hard enough). It happens rarely, but it would be nice if they came up with a way to lock the bottom part (like using an o-ring of sorts to keep the 3 prong from popping).

    I'm still buying more, once I have the longer ones, the popping will disappear since it will give me a longer range of motion which I find is too little in these short versions. This is perfect for people who want to add a bit more range of motion to their stock controller, still highly recommended!
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