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  • Worth every penny.

    By TakeDown

    Have had these sticks for over a year. Was worth every penny. I originally order this and an Alpha to try. The cqc has become my main set to use. I can't even use a controller without one now. Ordering a new set today.
  • wow

    By Daylin

    it works so well my K:D was 5:9 now its 10:4 Beasting
  • brilliant

    By mitch

    brilliant item great adition to the kontrol freek family
  • I really like the kontrol freek cqc

    By Aj45028

    Im a really big fan of the cqc ive tried other ones but i really like the cqc.
  • Amazing!

    By Peyton

    Love these Freeks! Improved my gameplay so much!
  • Great Addition

    By Peyton

    I love the CQC's!!! Improved my gameplay so much!j
  • Good

    By DK

    It improves my aim and it has a great grip.
  • Good

    By DK

    This has a great grip and it improves my aim
  • Kontrol freek

    By Madbomb

    These don't work for me no matter how long I use them guess the product is not for me I'm more good with out them then with them

  • Very good

    By Mason

    Very good but got sweaty at times
  • Great Buy

    By Mr. Jet

    Great buy, improved my grip and control with the controller
  • Amazing

    By Micah

    Amazing must get
  • Exceeded Expectations

    By Chris

    My thumbs are now in a much more comfortable position, and the extra grip is perfect for using slight aiming adjustments. Excellent product KF
  • Kontroll freaks

    By Finlay

    Really good buy these
  • Insane grip

    By Nicely jish

    If you want to get grip for your controller I recommend to get this
  • Worth a buy

    By Super Gamer

    This is my first Control Freeks purchase and I have to say I am amazed of the price and the quality/.
  • Satisfied

    By Jay

    I really like them!
  • Awesome 2.0

    By Veterunus

    Great product to add on for call of duty
  • Awesome

    By JaGuar

    These Mid-rises are so helpful and comfortable
  • Outstandingly comfortable and Improved my shot!

    By trent

    i bought a set of the cqc freeks for my 360 and ever since i used them i have improved my accuracy and been able to enjoy longer game sessions!
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