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    By Flizzle

    This are great for cod and its improved my shot!
  • ilove

    By Zeshan

    I have god aim with the vmp in bo3 these kf there my favorite
  • They work great

    By Matt

    Ive used theses for years and they improve my gamijg so much
  • last long

    By Nolan

    last long
  • Product Risks

    By x

    First time putting them on my Xbox controller they scrapped and took tiny chunks off the gray padding on the sticks because they're made of hard plastic, even when being very careful. Buy at your discretion.
  • seem really good

    By balls

    i got these a while ago and there really good
  • Improved KD

    By Oscar

    Using these on my right analog ps4 definetly helped my accuracy
  • Amazing

    By ZK9

    Friend got these for me and it really helps
  • 10/10

    By BluSnipzYT

    ITS PERFECT!it will be great for sniping!
  • Great

    By Todo

    This is so amazing it improved my gameplay a lot it is worth getting it. Trust me it will work
  • Classic

    By NightRaptorX5

    Noting wrong with kicking it a little old school
  • Awesome

    By Caden

    Kontrol Freeks are amazing and awesome!! They've helped me alot!!
  • Guillermo Rivera speaking

    By Slammons

    There awesome! It's been helping me alot!
  • The best

    By Killerinstinct

    They really work and give you more mobility and better aim! I cant play without them:)
  • Really good

    By Jérémy

    They really improved my gaming experience
  • Awesome

    By Jason

    They work perfectly
  • They work

    By KaaN-X-

    After you play couple of games with it you'll start to play better for sure
  • Good

    By Jacce

    I like the texture and feel of the product.
  • Great buy

    By Sheldon

    Great buy, good height and they feel great
  • Classic but GREAT

    By CK

    Classic KF - they give you the same mobility and power as other KF. They are a must buy!
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