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  • Work well enough.

    By Misfit

    I've been using these for well over 6 months now. I definitely prefer the feel of these thumbsticks to using the standard PS4 thumbsticks. They snap on to the standard PS4 thumbsticks with 3 plastic locking tabs. They snap on and come off pretty easily when you want them to, but I haven't had any issue with them coming off during gameplay. I'm a little concerned about the possibility of the locking tabs breaking at some point after enough times of taking the sticks off and then on again. I kind of wish they were made out of metal. If you're careful with the sticks they should last a long time. The top part feels firm but is softer than the standard PS4 sticks. The surface is very easy for my thumbs to get fairly good grip even just lightly resting my thumb on them. I use them for everything, FPS, 3rd person action RPG's, racing games, you name it. I sometimes feel the need to clean them off with some alcohol to improve my grip after long gaming sessions as they can get a little slippery after a while, but I have sweaty hands. If you don't, then you probably won't need to worry about it. There are probably better thumbsticks for precise aiming in competitive FPS games but if you just want something comfortable to use that's not too much taller than the standard PS4 sticks these will work well enough. I'm going to get a pair for my Xbox One controller.
  • Can't Play Without Them.

    By JugDoesntMiss

    I love these! I love the convex cqc because it gives you that feeling of the mid rise and high ruse highly recommended!
  • great

    By Dakota

    good to upgrade from alphas to these because easyer movements than aplhas
  • Amazing love these

    By Apex code

    Highly recommend the CQCX for call of duty run and gunners
  • Gonna buy this too!

    By Adam

    I watched some reviews about this and it's amazing, and it's my type because I play a lot of grand theft auto 5 and I'll buy black ops 3 to play with these
  • Not a Fan

    By Jenn

    I bought these for the PS4 and I am not really a fan of them. One of the thumbsticks is loose and moves around a bit while I am playing and will sometimes cause problems. I also bought the Destiny ones and those fit and work great on my Xbox One controller. Planning on buying a different pair of thumbsticks for my PS4 controller.
  • Control

    By Awesome

    They gave me more grip and control
  • Great

    By Cluth_ky

    This product is a good deal it helps people get nuclears fpr the first time
  • Perfect

    By Ctbjj808

    Just what I needed. As advertised and quick shipping
  • Nice

    By L F

    I got these to try them out. For the price, I said why not. When they arrived I went straight to use Them. They were great I had better grip and my accuracy improved a whole lot on COD. Thinking of trying out other products!
  • Awesome

    By legit site

    Really stepped up my gaming in close combat and long range
  • Sore thumbs and disappointment.

    By Matt

    I recently received these for my left thumb stick since it is lower than the high rise. I sadly overlooked the convex shape when ordering. This led to making it very painful to constantly be pressing down on the point with my thumb to sprint. I am going to return this product and it has left me with nothing but sore thumbs and disappointment.
  • Great

    By G-Man

    These are a great product that really helped me keep my thumbs on the sticks and are worth every penny.
  • These are awesome

    By D M

    I was skeptical of the product but I wanted to give it a shot. I find that the DualShock 4 analog sticks are too slippery and I constantly have it slip off when playing intense games of Resogun.

    Easy to apply and immediately I found it easier to play games like Helldivers on hard difficulties. Bought 3 more to share with friends.
  • CQCX are the best!

    By Ltt

    I have tried a lot of the different types of kontrolfreaks
    but these are my fav as they have a symmetrical and consistent shape and grip. They work awesome with the extended sticks of an elite controller. I do hope for all the people that do not have elites that kontrolfreek also release this same design in a higher format as it in my opinion it works better then the vortex and snipr.
  • Good but...

    By Kryproniaan

    Good product, I really enjoyed the CQCx for Call of Duty Black Ops 3. Just a problem, but is personal, it's my small fingers. So I just ordered KF Alpha for the minimal height increase.
  • Great grip. Very comfortable.

    By Antonio

    Fantastic addition to my Skyrim and Fallout gameplay. Very comfortable and the grip is second to none. Many a dragon and wastelander have fallen before I and these CQCX Kontrol Freeks.
  • amazing

    By Chris

    There feel good
  • Nice

    By TyPug

    Very nice sticks! Highly reccomend!
  • Highly recommend

    By JClark99

    Very comfortable and easy to use. Highly recommend
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