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  • Very good

    By Simenm99

    These are perfect
  • decent

    By Billy

    it is a decent product for gaming and it does help gameplay
  • Awesome

    By Tom christian waksvik

    These are just awesome, god bless the day i was introduced to kontrolfreeks!!:)
  • Amazing?!

    By Mitchell

    Amazing product! 5*
  • the best kontroll freak ever

    By byfreaknez

    i love it is the best kontrol freakk
  • best ones ever

    By Dakota

    i love these little epic thumb sticks and can't say enough how much i love them massive amount of love to kontrolfreeks
  • Nice

    By Rahul

    I think it is one of the best
  • Uncomfortable At first then Amazing

    By ApprasionGift

    The Vortex grips was really uncomfortable at first it took Atleast a week to get my sensitivity right and Get the right feel but after that I've used these religiously literally gives you an upper advantage when it comes to Higher sens aiming now I'm trying out the Alpha version that has more grip and bigger radius!
  • Amazing

    By blaine

    Grip is 10/10 great fit on your thumbs help with aim/movement
  • Really helps

    By Boofar

    Usually, when your playing an intense mission in a game you or your hands might GET sweaty and you would have bad grip on the joysticks. This gives you better grip wich is good in those situations.( Like almost finishing an easter egg in Call of Duty zombies.)
  • Always stick with the Alpha

    By PSmith

    I've tried almost all types of KF for the XBO. For me, GOW isn't something to use long sticks on, that's more for the COD series. The ALPHAS barely raised stick with the wider pad is much nicer when trying to bounce on objects. Great stick at a great price as always.
  • Alpha

    By NightRaptor

    Always be on top, always be an Alpha
  • Best KontrolFreek ever!

    By Campzzz

    I recommend this KontrolFreek if you need default sensitivity. It improves comfort and accuracy with every shooting game. Don't care analog thumbstick will be worn. This helps very much.
  • Nice

    By Senzhao

    Nice overall, but description more detailed.
  • Big hands

    By Ty74

    Provides more surface area which is great if you have bigger hands which results in bigger thumbs
  • Well but hmm....

    By Derik aka Eric

    So when these first came in, I was extremely excited to use them and for the time being they were my go to thumbsticks to use whenever I played call of duty or rocket league, however after about 2-3 months or so the glue started to peel and the thumbsticks started to come over eventually coming off completely what a shame that I have to buy some more, but it is well worth it best grips by Kontrol Freak.
  • Amazing grips!

    By Cameron

    These Kontrol Freeks really did improve my k.d and I just got into a clan. Could not have done it without these!
  • Great

    By Jay

    I prefer the inferno but they are good too
  • nice design

    By tbx7

    nice design good fell
  • Best out there

    By Tyy

    I must say using these grips improved my K/D by 59% and improved my accuracy by 31%! It's amazing what they can do.
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