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  • deez nuts

    By yo mama

    11/10 IGN I 360 nonscoped with this thing... its glorious
  • So Good

    By JKK909

    Such a nice look on a controller. 11/10
  • Amazing

    By KarmaBro25

    smooth dark cool and comfy. keeps my controller clean.
  • OMG!!!!!!!

    By jacobmaster

  • good

    By staples

    Very nice Design, recommend buying
  • best skin ever

    By jkl

    best exo ever. never had a armour.
  • OMD

    By Finn HD

    This is one of the best products i have ever bought of KontrolFreek
  • great product

    By keepermater

    i love your armor and thumb sticks
  • Perfect

    By Davo

    i love it, it looks awesome aswell
  • OMG

    By Brayden

    This is so helpful when it comes to black ops 3! Thank you so much! I can turn on people with out having to jam my thumb to one side!
  • AMAZING!!!

    By GoldieBro

    Looks awesome!!! And the price is amazing ONLY 10 DOLLARS (AUD) For an amazing look shield. looks like I bought it for $30. something to brag about along with thmbsticks
  • Best Skin?

    By MyNameIsAwp

    Ok I would like to point out that this is the best skin out there for our KontrolFreek fans,the look and feel is amazing and especially the improved thumbsticks,best for sniping?..HELL YEA!!!
  • I really like kontrol freak

    By EG

    I like kontrol freak because it has all the stuff I can brag about to my friends in stead of messy paint jobs from Amazon
  • Awesome

    By Ben

    An awesome looking armour for awesome players
  • Its great

    By Iceflame

    I dont have one but my friend does and i play a lot better with it and the design is so cool

  • Just mostly made for the PS4

    By Theboypaul

    It sucks that all of the skins are way better made then they are for the Xbox controllers it cuts off on the handles for the Xbox controller and it just makes it look ugly but for the ps4 controller it covers the whole thing and it looks very nice if they made it better on the Xbox controllers I would so buy it.
  • I give a 5

    By GamerWithAdittude

    I give a 5 because you guys at kontrolfreek have helped me out with better performance in gaming.
  • great item

    By HailStormGaming

    Looks great on the controller and feels good
  • Decent with minor cons

    By XxLOLxX1900

    Really good when playing AW or BO3 but I found that slower paced games are hard to play with
  • As it says

    By Kontrol Freak Guy

    Looks great, works great!
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