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  • Pretty good

    By Hunter

    This product was amazing
  • Awesome

    By Master

    Perfect for starting a gaming career
  • Long and helpful towards the KontrollerFreeksNation.

    By Fiend Gamer Judging

    I think the feeling of using the Kontoller freek grips was good it could have been way better like adding a design to the grip for the controller like anime or superhero designs, but that's a whole other subject. The feeling while playing a first person shooting game like bo3 was kinda slippery, because as a gamer myself i have sweaty hands while i game for 2 to 3 hours a day. So while using the grips my hands slipped and it could've been way better honestly. I'm not saying they were bad grips I as a gamer thought they could have been more grippy and better designed, because when i leave my remote on my stand i want it to look cool, but it would look cooler with no grip on the controller.
  • Great grips

    By Topflight

    I just bought these grips and I could imediently could tell that these grips really improved my gaming
  • They are just cool

    By Cool

    They are so cool

    By Gish

    Just started really getting into the whole gaming I have seen this product being used all over you tube. After I bought a set I put them on and it dramatically changed the way I play I will be a long time customer. Great product!!
  • Great

    By Daniel

    I got this about 7 months ago and all I can say is wow it has helped my game so many I tell everyone about them and how instead of spending $200 on a gaming control you can get this and even make a bigger in pack on your game
  • Must get bargain

    By Tyson

    as soon as I put these on my controller a tell that I lives then. Then make my aiming a lot better!
  • Awesome

    By Adnan

    I have it for my xbox and PlayStation and it works wonders
  • works great

    By Vincent

    these are amazing. my k/d ratio went up almost immediately after putting these on. i personally use the shorter one for the left stick, and the taller one for the right stick.

    doesn't take long to get used to the taller sticks.
  • Great addition to any gamer!

    By Mareezy

    I love using these for any game i play. (Mostly cod & fifa) you never have to worry about your thumbs slipping off the joysticks EVER again! Slightly improves your game as well. I tried using the regular joysticks and i can't go back to them, the motion of the default joysticks feel restrictive compared to when i use the kf thumb grips . Highly recommend for anyone
  • great

    By nate

    Great product
  • Exactly what I wanted

    By Patronas91

    Works as promised! I'm very happy with this pack! Very easy to put on and off the thumpstick :)

    One minor hiccup. One of the 4 buttons turns around the Thumbstick, but when I put it on an other controller, it doesn't. I guess there are minor differinces between controllers. That's something KF can't Prevent.

    I live in the Netherlands, bought it at Christmis and within 2 weeks the product was delivered! Very good!

    BTW: it's impossible that these buttons destroy the controller!
  • @ Chris - it doesnt destroy your controller.

    By Hallomapotamus

    The L3 failing is a common issue on PS4 controllers. It's happened to mine and its also happened to a friend. Niether of us have used Kontrol freeks on the PS4.
  • Destroys your controller?

    By Chris

    I was a first time Kontrol Freek customer so bought this pack for the variety to aid in my COD playing. I put the CQC (green) on the left stick and the classic (black) on the right stick for the extra length. It took a while to get used to and didn't just boost my K/D instantly but now that I am used to it I feel like I have much more precision and feel handicapped if I try to take them off.

    HOWEVER, I am sole COD player (L3 left stick is used to sprint) and I found my sprint cancelling quite often. I had recently bought a new controller so was quite perturbed with this. I tried taking off the thumbstick and my spring was still often cancelling when moving around. I thought maybe this was just an issue with the controller so I pulled out my old one (fully functioning) and threw the thumbsticks back on...lo and behold it did not take long for my L3 to begin malfunctioning again! After this happening to two controllers I can only assume it is the sticks to thumbsticks to blame; perhaps the extra length and combo of pressing down to engage L3 doesn't work well with the inner components??? Now I basically have two controllers where my sprint button is intermittent and I am casually walking around the battlefield more often than not; not cool. Two controllers that are basically trash now unless I can find someway to fix this issue. I haven't heard of this issue from anyone else but I feel that I am very gentle with the controller, do not rage, and do not believe myself to be an aggressive button smasher; the only other situations I believe could lead to my current problem.
    I will be buying another controller but will be leaving the thumbstick off the left stick. I will leave the right thumbstick on as I do believe it is beneficial and will hope it doesn't affect the R3 in the same manner. R3 is not used nearly as much or held down as L3 is thus it may not lead to the same problem...hopefully.
    AS WELL, not even 10 hours into playing with the sticks I noticed the rubber coating on top of the thumbsticks to start peeling. This was annoying to me but did not really affect my performance and 20 hours later there is far more peeling but still works fine. Hopefully there is lots more layers to go through.

    Overall, I like the performance enhancement these give but it is not worth the damage it has done to my controllers...
  • Fantastic Product!!!

    By David Gary

    Read lots of reviews and rave about KontrolFreek hence i've decided to give it a try. Wow...accuracy has improved tremendously and can't play without them. Will surely introduce and promote KontrolFreek to my fellow gamers.
  • Awesome!!


    Honestly didn't believe the reviews... I was wrong. They are comfortable and helped my game... I love KF...
  • these things are great

    By darkmarkymark

    I absolutely love these things i bought a pair and i am never going back, though they wear out very quickly.
  • Love It!

    By AKAgooze

    Amazing product. Now i can play hours on end without getting finger fatigue. Plus the texture is very comfotrable and my accuracy has definetly improved
  • not good

    By jay

    they do not help at all
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