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  • Amazing

    By Kiid

    These are amazing! Completeley improve your k/d, just simply can't play without them.
  • Amazing

    By Panvonis

    My brother adrienne bought one these packs and I tried it out now my k/d started from 0.50 to 1.35
  • These are a great!!

    By Smitty

    I just received these, they work great! I was recommended by a friend to buy this product to improve aim and it works extremely well!!
  • Very Good

    By Sanya

    Очень хороший пак, заказывал в первый раз и очень был доволен. Спасибо.
  • Best quality

    By Johnnyarellano

    They are the best thing I would but to help me on some of the games I buy I would absolutely recommend this to other gamers to buy
  • Awesome appeal and great help too

    By Chase

    I originally bought these to add some flare to my scuff controller but was skeptical that they actually improve performance. After I got them and played SEVERAL games with them they help a lot. It does take a lot of getting used to but I'm the end they did help my performance and they did add a great look to my controller
  • Very Good

    By Wogathon

    Very good, my only complaint is that they have started to ware out. The rubber has ripped they have warn out so much.
  • Buen producto

    By Anonymus

    Un muy buen producto mejoro mucho mi puntería

    By Trinity

    Great for every moment of gameplay
  • Really good

    By Dotkomster

    I really love kontrol freeks it really enhanced my gameplay and I really recommend buying them it's worth it
  • Шикарная вещь!

    By Ivan

    Заказываю уже повторно, только другу. Вещь шикарная, тактильные ощущения на уровне. Стоят своих денег!
  • Great for cod

    By toxicskullz

    Really good for trickshotting
  • Really good, comfortable and gets me better accuracy.

    By Abdulwahhaab

    This is really good. Best combo grips ever
  • Nice))

    By FunEnd

    great product, I advise everyone to play only with them!!!
  • Phantom Grips White

    By Garyn

    The phantom grips are perfect for call of duty. I absolutely love them for their comfortability, realibility, and touch.
  • Love these things

    By KSI XxR3ACHxX

    They work as said best purchase of my life
  • Fantastic

    By Spartan

    Its way mor comfortable to play black ops with i recommend it
  • amazing

    By Ayrton

    Iv been using these for a while now and there amazing cant play without them.
    Thanks KontrolFreek!!
  • Once you use them you can't go back.

    By Dianocky

    Kontrol Freeks work exactly as intended. Now that I have used them I don't know how I ever got by without them. Quality is top notch aswell. Just wish I could buy them in more retail stores in Canada so I didn't have to wait for shipping. Even with that said though their shipping came in a reasonable time frame.
  • The"re Great

    By Hunter

    The're great, I cant play without them.
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