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  • this is awesome

    By paul

    this is the best way to improve in gaming
  • Long vortex x2

    By 12Grams

    I use long vortex both sticks! I highly recommend these set!!!
  • Its alright

    By Nekro

    The black concave sticks tend to wear out easily, however the Vortex sticks are a bit more durable, its ok
  • Awesome!!!!!!

    By Afghan

    They are perfect
  • Can't wait!

    By Cprip

    I have just bought my VX bundle, and after seeing all those great reviews, i just can't wait to try them out!! So excited!

    By LB

    Improved my aim, accuracy and movement. Would recommend to casual through hardcore gamers!
  • Great bundle.

    By Arisoune

    These are my first kontrolfreeks and first time trying out different concave/domed sticks. I'm not a huge fan of the high domed stick (although I haven't played with it much) but because there's two sets, I use the smaller vortex concave stick on the left and one of the high concaved on the right. It has helped my accuracy greatly! I'm definitely going to try to use the domed one as I want to give it a fair chance before leaving it.
  • Clean and smooth

    By Izzy007

    I could not believe that these felt so good I was expecting them to be mediocre but they were actually amazing. Theses make aiming at high sensitivitys possible plus aiming comes out smoother and more precise.
  • Waste of money

    By airmax233

    Unfortunately I was looking forward for these since my favorite youtuber uses them, but upon using then for like less than two weeks the rubber separated from the kontrol freak I will no be buying these again and will not be recommend them to any of my friends as well.
  • Awesome

    By NYTsparrow

    This is one of the greatest things I have spent my money on
  • Vortex kontrol freaks

    By Avengerdude76

    Awesome. Thumbs up in colour and design and it improves my shooting skill even better
  • sick aim! love it!!

    By oscar

    this ones really improve my accuracy, very comfotable
  • He loves them

    By Antonio

    Great product bought them for a friend and he loves them and I love my pair aswell
  • amazing

    By Jordyn

    these are one of my favorite grips
  • Good buy

    By Spartan Tidal

    These Kontrol Freeks are so sick! They improve your aim almost instantly.
  • Great product, helped soo much

    By Baconlordz2374

    Theese worked great i love them so much now i can't go back to playing without them they helped my game so much. :)
  • Amazing

    By Aryan

    These things are god savers
  • Amazing

    By Ashten

    What an amazing controller add on! The best thing money can buy for gaming under $30! A MUST BUY!
  • Awesome buy

    By Daniel

    I was always Leary about buying these because of the height on the right stick. But a clanmate of mine convinced me into buying them and they are amazing. I can't play without them. I highly recommend these
  • KontrolFreaks are the Greatest

    By RougeAbsol

    KontrolFreaks are the greatest thing to happen to gaming since Online Multiplayer. The reason i say this is because KontrolFreaks have helped my COD Skills tremendously they're super comfy and have incredible grip my next pair will be the grips or the bundle with the KontrolFreak T-Shirt I got the gamepack vx and the 4 of those 1 inch thumbsticks actually do help me. I will use 1 of each and they are both tall even though I should use a short and tall i got used to the domed vortex because I've played playstation so I was used to it. Bottom line I feel the every gamer should have KontrolFreaks if the play first-person-shooters and even if you dont it's still worth it.
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