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  • Gives out a amazing look

    By FgJoe

    This bundle is such a great deal. Gives your controller a whole new look.
  • It was good

    By Joe

    I would buy these again if i didnt already have them
  • great

    By ferg

    Best of the best
  • Very confortable

    By Enzo

    Very well made I love elite shot
  • Amazing

    By Cameron

    Alot of very good YouTubers and streamers use these i recommend them
  • Excellent

    By Darell

    one of my favorite youtubers and this actually helps me out alot on black ops 3
  • epic

    By Nicolas

    really nice also like the youtuber eliteshot
  • Perfect

    By NastyToxicShock

    These items have vastly improved my gameplay and the overall look of my controller.
  • One Of The Best Ones Yet

    By Mark

    This Controller Is Such A Beast Whan i Was Playing BO3 With Normal Controller I Was Doing Bad But With This One! Ha Try Me
  • Great for COD!

    By PhantomDude

    These have improved my game and I use them during every game of call of duty
  • EliteShot <3 <3

    By Jonas

    Lovin it
  • best on the market

    By Ethan

    best on the market
  • best on the market

    By ethanpidg

    best on the market
  • PS4

    By Philip Riddell

    Great addition to my gaming setup highly recommend make me a better player
  • Must buy...

    By This is amazing

    this is amazing!
  • great item

    By HailStormGaming

    Great bundle!
  • The Best Thing ever

    By Aaron

    I love it so fast and good
  • 11/10

    By DarLav

    Gr8 little yokes m8, would use again :)
  • Amazing

    By Alpha

    I play Destiny, and bought these around the time the house of wolves came out, and my K/D in crucible just keeps going up. Love these things!
  • Accuracy is key

    By Elite accuracy

    I used to play on a sensitivity lvl 12know I play on a twenty
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