• Great!!!

    By Ant

    Very very good choice! I improved aiming and movement so well with these it's incredible! Highly recommended
  • They really help

    By Erick

    These are amazing they really do help. They are comfortable for your thumbs and move very easy. I use to believe these were a waste of money but i have gotten better at cod and other games when i got my new KF's
  • Very Accurate!

    By xxRaixx

    I got a thumb stick and my precision and accuracy was so much better!!!
  • Good Design

    By OsN ReFlex

    The Design was Original From black Ops 2 Of course and these long Pairs Give you More Degrees To Move around which i like incase i get shot in the back and still have a chance.
  • Amazing

    By owen

    These are insane! I have a friend who let me borrow them and its such a great grip. I literally got better in a matter of minutes I loved them
  • buen producto

    By Federico

    me encanto este producto muy bueno
  • buen producto

    By Anonimo

    me encanto este producto mejoro mucho mi punteria
  • bon produit

    By ImNxvyyyy

    cest un tres bon produit et pas cher
  • Fantastic

    By John

    I was lucky enough to get a pair of these on ps4 when they were announced. These were my first pair of KontrolFreeks and I have to say i was extremely happy with this product
  • It will help! I garentee it will help.

    By skyjump79

    I saw this sight and its products and thought what a waste. I looked at the science behind it and the reviews. I thought what fake reviews. Here I am writing another amazing review because they are that good. Put your sensitivity up a little more and do less movement...it will do more. I am very new to FPS games, and this helped my KD from .39 to .65 in a week!! I gave some to my friend and he went HAM!! It takes a while to get used to, but it definitely helps. I only use the right thumbstick, and they both are high, so you can lend one to a friend or have one for your other controller. My setup is stick and move and 7 sensitivity on both for Black Ops 3. I recommend using 7 sensitivity, stick and move, right thumbstick only. This product is easier to press down with less weight. Buy it! It is worth it!
  • Best product for gamers!

    By Jay

    This is by far the best product for gamers of all types, whether it be FPS, Racing, etc.
    I've bought mine thinking it'll be just a "gimmick", but man does it actually work. They take some getting used to, but it'll only be a few games before you can work them like a pro. The movement and aim accuracy is will be most notable in FPS games. Having the extra height to your thumbsticks gives you tighter control over your aiming movements to help your accuracy and helps prevent "snap-on-target-over-aiming-ness" :D I've bought a bunch of KFs after my first pair to try out different styles, but found that I like the official Call of Duty KFs better. Just my preference though ;P
  • nice

    By Gio

    it works
  • Aim

    By Julian

    It really works it helps your aim so much
  • Awesome

    By Pero

    They have improved my aim a lot. You should buy them.
  • Great product

    By Jet Skyline

    They are great but after a year they are toast
  • Just Awesome!

    By Jahztkie18

    Well built and helps with my aiming. Always play with them on! Not to mention the black ops 3 design is legit. Must have for any CoD fan!
  • A must cop for an Treyarch fanboy like myself

    By Blops Tres Freeks

    The hype train is real!!! jump on it and get These sick kontrolfreeks
  • Great product

    By Chris

    I love the grip and feel on these sticks just hope that a PS4 version of them will soon get restocked.
  • so good

    By Flynn

    the best thing i have on my control
  • Nice Thumbsticks

    By Cod Gamer

    They helpen raise my kd a lot. They inprove your aim!

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