• Best website ever, must haver for gamers everywhere

    By J0K3R868

    I personally like kontrol freak because I bought all of my xbox one controller accesories here
  • Improved Snipping

    By dstein

    This pack really helped me with bo3 it increased my accuracy and also helped with my snipping.
  • Excellent

    By Antonipro22

    Very confortable and easy to use. It has increased my aim and it has a great discount!
  • Must Have for Gamers

    By Oliver

    I was going to buy one in the bundle. Then realized you could get three for a better price and bought this. An amazing product
  • Amazing

    By Joel

    These thumbs ticks are amazing they look peng and really enchanced my gameplay good job kontrol freaks
  • Skuf

    By Marc

    Very beautifull and confortable
  • Awesome Products


    awesome brought yesterday the bundle with the grips and t shirts buy if your looking for a awesome grips for your console
  • very helpful

    By Nole

    The buyers guide told me to get the black ops 3 kf and the snipr kf and those are in the pack. I won´t be using the cqc kf because they aren´t meant for my playstyle. the black ops 3 and snipr kf are perfect for sniping and quickscoping.
  • Great Value for money

    By Max

    Awesome product would highly recommend it
  • It help but stil need skill

    By Leo

    Bought this set and gotta say I'm still unsure whether it really help, but cant play without them now. The BO3 one is alright and the sniper ones are too long I feel, the one I used most is the CQC, some game I do good but I do have the odd bad games, probably just down to skill I guess. It does help but don't expect to change into a pro overnight using these.
  • The best

    By Fpss

    The best thumbstick ever
  • Must have


    From a beginner to a pro this bundle will enhance your performance.
  • Good

    By Hi

    I love them
  • Great

    By Shaun

    I reccomend this product
  • Best grips I have every used.

    By TommyMoore12

    These are some really good kontrol freaks they will help you with your aim and there are such a variety of them.
  • Can't play without them

    By HyPeR x RyZe

    Awesome, can't play without them :D
  • Best Combo

    By Truth

    By far the best combination to make sure your gunfights are of high level, skill and accuracy.
  • Fantastic

    By Harry

    Absolutely a steal great product highly recommended
  • Get Your Game On

    By Livingtyler23

    I will admit i was skeptical at first about this product but it's really helped me take my Call of Duty game to the next level I get at least 20 kills or more each round
  • Love it

    By Paradise gaming

    I love these things I buy them for all my controllers and they're great gifts for friends and family there much better than a gift card guys

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