• Good

    By Lowry

    Just amazing and great colours.
  • Amazing grips and sheild

    By Shortz

    The grips are so comfortable and amazing accuarcy with stunning looking sheild of my favourite game
  • 3

    By awesome

    it works perfect
  • Quality

    By Rashestgryphon6

    Product is great, friend let me use them and wow, awesome, totally would recommend, enhanced my gaming experience
  • awesome

    By scar justice

    made my controller look awesome without spending much money
  • Perfect for me

    By VillGaming

    This bundle literally helped me so much and gave me a new style to my controller.Thanks KontrolFreek!
  • These are great

    By Eddie

    These have a great design and easy to use
  • op and amazing

    By idontwannasaymyname

    op & amazing
  • Great products

    By Paradise gaming

    The whole Arsenal of kontrolfreek items defeats the opponents before the game starts I love this stuff
  • fantastic

    By CriMsoN

    pretty good design of bo3
  • op

    By youben

    This has helped me a lot thats how i got 101 kills and 10 deaths
  • Great and easy!

    By jedijames5

    The shield can be applied easily and the aim is amazing. I would recommend it as a must buy product for all controller users.
  • Nice adjustment

    By brett

    I really enjoy using 2 KF now with 1 higher n 1 shorter,sometimes use my shorter stick when I'm getting warmed up or not hitting right..only flaw is the shorter stick is loose and spins around when using it intensely
  • Worth it. (underpriced so i would get it now before it goes up)

    By Dest.Cod.Harr83

    Omfg this thing is ELITE. so elite that it just makes me want to rage (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻
  • Amazing reduces loss of gunfights by 90%

    By nE_ClipZ

    These are the best i have used so far
  • These are a must buy if you're looking to improve your skills in Fps games

    By Anonymous

    This bundle is awesome not only does it make your controller look amazing but the kontrol freeks really help your gaming these are by far the best ones I've bought and I highly recommend them
  • They were cool and awesome got better in my gaming

    By Awesome

    These were the best ! Awesome will buy from them again !! Thanks kontrol freek
  • Awesome

    By Luis_042

    I love these so much and I would recommend to buy!!!
  • They are awesome!!!

    By rhysdawg

    U must buy them
  • Poop

    By Yourmotha

    These are poop

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