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  • Amazing

    By Eimen

    Just like it says, more grip less slip!
  • Great product

    By Affro Gaming

    really improved my grip, lasted about 7-8 months of intense gaming (a bit thorn up now, still works great)

    great product overall.
  • No more sweaty controller

    By Jeff

    Works great. Controller doesn't get all clamy when playing for long periods.
  • Great help

    By Jason

    Seriously helped with hand fatigue on the PS4 controller. Coupled with the vortex thumb sticks I can play much longer between breaks.
  • Amazing

    By Senzhao

    Simply amazing for Destiny.
  • Not really that great

    By HYperSmooth

    The product is awesome! The problem i had with it was that the grip would rip and peel off and when i removed it, it left residue. Not buying again.
  • Very good

    By Fran

    This is so good you never slip in sweaty games
  • already I can not play without them

    By Karol

    i love them
  • Good but not amazing

    By Hovan

    This is really comfortable for long sessions but it does not (For me) help me with my gunfights but i would definintly buy it if u have kf. but do not get these before u have kontrol freeks tho.
  • Brilliant high performance grips

    By AssassinGaming

    They were brilliant helped me to perform to the best of my ability
  • good

    By rossy224

    these are the best grips i have used could be a bit thinner

    By Lori

    These grips will really increase your gaming ability, no jokes! especially in games where you start sweating they stop you from slipping.

    By TGB

    So good especially in a tight game, you get nervous and sweaty and you can't slip
    Simply perfect
  • The best grips

    By Reilly

    The best grips I have used


  • It works great!

    By madyoung71

    The KontrolFreek grip works absolutely great! It keeps your hands from slipping and definitely increases your gaming experience and benefits your hands as you play.Keeping you playing longer non stop and enjoying every second of it.
  • Amazing Stuff

    By ZK9

    This really helps you while playing. Keeps the sweat away and makes it less greasy. Protects the controller overall very nice
  • works well

    By Matthew

    i like it alot
  • k

    By m

  • noice

    By m

    work well
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