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  • best ever

    By paul

    these grips are the best for anyone one who is a call of duty
    halo or battlefield player i like them am i hope you do too
  • Awesome! 10/10

    By Robbycr

    Love this product! They really up your game, and you're aim will increase greatly.
  • Great Price

    By Montega

    It's a great price for the grips and Kontrol Freeks . A must buy !
  • Helps with aim and comfort

    By Xboxer

    Got the Xbox One grips to help me improve my experience in Battlefield 1!
  • design

    By boobopped

    These definately improve the grip on the stick and really help with steadying aim especially on higher sense but they would be much better if the top didnt have the KF for kontrol freek and instead the diagonal pattern just continued throught the kontrol freek giving that resistance to slipage
  • There are so amazing I going to buy anuther pair

    By Consolas

    There amazing they I proved my game so much
  • Amazing Grips

    By Cambo

    I got some grips for my Xbox One Controller, and they have boosted my gaming experience so much. Thank you so much KontrolFreek for making this possible with your great product!!!
  • An ok review

    By Kelo Kode-Red

    Hey kontrol freak u have great products and thank you for giving gamers like me, an opportunity to have great equipment for gaming, thank you!
  • Do yourself a favor and get KontrolFreek Grips Bundle, you won't regret it!

    By Catrap0

    Did not think grips would make much of a difference at first, but overtime I was surprised how much better and easier it was to us my control. Less sweaty fingers, extended playtime. If you spend a lot of time playing games and are serious about comfort, do yourself a favor and get KontrolFreek Grips Bundle, you won't regret it!
  • Awesome Bundle!

    By Sangria Rose

    The grips are an amazing, soft texture and let you have a non-slip experience for many hours of any gameplay! The CQC signatures are soft and comfortable and most definitely help gameplay for any Call of Duty game, or any game for that matter. If one thinks of going long hours of gameplay without rest then this bundle is right for anyone.
  • great

    By David

    amazing love it
  • These are a must have.

    By FuNKos

    I was skeptical about the grips, but after putting them on all doubt was dismissed, they are comfortable for those wasted Saturday DBL XP weekends that you spend 8 or more hours playing, and the CQC Signatures are by far my favorite, the soft rubber and that little ridge around the edge make it so much easier the move and aim more accurately, you definitely need to get these.
  • Great!

    By Skylar

    I actually purchased both of these separately before this bundle was a thing, but both products work great! The controller grips are great for long gaming sessions and the thumbsticks are great for a first time grip buyer!
  • Best Combo Yet!

    By 0DemonLord0

    The Grips and the CQC Combo makes it great for first person shooters like Call of Duty!
  • Good

    By Al

    This bundle harnesses an amazing looking controller, and a controller that feels comfterable, and the grips are amazing. Defintely a good bundle to pick up!
  • Where have I been all my life

    By Jason

    So glad I bought this product and it's phenomenal especially since they play from 6 to 10 hours a day it really does help with hand Sweat uncomfort specially since I had 6 surgeries on my right arm and hand I think it would make that big of a difference but it's a night-and-day difference so glad I bought it and recommend it to everybody must get item thanks kontrol freeks
  • Best Freeks

    By DevilKingDamon

    One of the Best thumbstics & my personal favourite .
  • Great

    By Synappse

    Absolutely perfect for fps games
  • Great

    By Owen

    Grips feel great on your hands and adda sime stylw to your controller
  • Grip

    By pickle

    I Love the design I can't wait for it! the grip looks stable on my regluar controller My hands get sweaty so im hoping this will fix it.Thanks to X7Albert
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