• Amazing Feel

    By d_raw

    These have amazing grip and feel. They do not slip off your hand and you can control it very easily. This increases your aim better and improves your K/D by a ton! These really help and also have a SICK DESIGN! Go out and get them before their gone!
  • Overall a good product

    By Brandonip

    I have had these for about two months I can't complain they work but there not the answer to all problems still takes practice
  • These are amazing

    By BlackOps3ForLife

    I love these kontrol freeks so much not only are they black ops three but they improve your gaming by alot.
  • This Stinks

    By ButtSaggington

    My K/D went from .2 to .1 i don't see a difference
  • 1 kill...2 kill...100 kills

    By AzN

    My K/D has improved from a 2.0 to a 2.7 just like that. Go out and get it now!
  • They Work!

    By gioman5000

    These helped me a lot with my accuracy! It's easier to hit targets and is very comfortable on my thumbs. Worth every penny!
  • Best way to rise kd

    By David

    These are the best things I ever brought they rise ur kd up.Now I can't play without them
  • They increased my k/d

    By El Papito Rumu

    Increased in 0.9 my k/d ratio
  • Perfect :)

    By WiSso-

    Now that I got them I can't play whitout them. They very comfort and it help very much the accuracy. You can't lose a gun fight no more.
  • Awsome!!!!

    By Torres6605

    Really awsome very good for black ops
  • Amazing

    By Aman

    Great simple but extremely effective method of getting better aim and it genuinely really helps
  • Amazing

    By Deep

    I used these thumbsticks at my friends house when we were playing arena search, and without the grips I got destroyed 2-5 but with the thumbsticks the next match I played in I was 9-2, and my accuracy tripled so I was going ham.
  • Great product

    By wolf

    You do have to get used to them but after you Get use to them they help get first shot on people because your aim is faster and better
  • amazing grip

    By Silentknife

    Awesome for improving grip and accuracy
  • Really good product. Rubber Breaks easily

    By FuturePro

    These FPS Freekz are really good. They absolutely improve your accuracy and skill in game. My only issue was the rubber. After a week and half the rubber of the kontrol freek was peeling off. Besides the rubber these freeks are great
  • Good

    By It's pretty good

    These were my first control freeks so I was hesitant on which ones to burly but after acouple of minutes or hours depending on you it will feel really comfortable and increased my accuracy
  • If You're Considering Getting Them, Get Them.

    By ExoMute

    I got really, really bad aim. These thumb-sticks improved my bad aim, by A LOT. At first they feel kind of weird, but I quickly got used to them, and mowed down my enemies. 5/5 I definitely recommend you get them.
  • Great product, must have for everyone playing on console

    By Don

    These sticks have greatly helped my COD gaming and accuracy. i reccomend these to anyone playing a FPS on console.
  • Seriously Improves Accuracy

    By Ghostly

    At first they will feel strange but after investing time in these Kontrol Freaks my K/D and confidence is continuing to skyrocket!
  • amazing

    By WaffleMan123

    100% better than the normal sticks

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