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  • very good for xbox players

    By paul

    i love this set because they are comfortable and help very well when i am trying to get a headshot on someone so thanks kontrolfreek
  • they worked!

    By trace Prince

    They really did improve my accuracy
  • Great product

    By Chris

    This type of KF are the best in my onion if your going to run and gun with a high sense for me it help me and it may help you
  • Cant wait to get my own pair

    By Tom christian waksvik

    This set was the set that was recomended for me in the buyers guide, and i was so lucky that a friend of mine had a pair of the same type, so i got to try them.
    They seem to be the perfect kontrolfreeks for me, my aim was completely different when i used them and the grip and feels was great, i really dig them and i cant wait to get my own pair
  • Pretty good

    By Curtis

    Thin it needed 2 mid-rise or a lil bigger mid!!1 Definately needed to b wider top! Arleast alil bigger!! Other than that great for c.o.d.bo3!! Helped raise k.d. qwik!!
  • COOL

    By MapacheWTF

    Son super geniales y comodos para los dedos, presicion al 100
  • Can't play without em

    By Diamxnds

    By far my favorite ones I have purchased. Soo great to use when playing any genre of games. I've bought these twice already. Definitely buy these they have long lasting grip and the texture on the thumbsticks don't fade away as fast. Good product, it is a must buy!
  • Good But

    By Dakota

    good but i found that they get in my way when i'm not using my scuff to get back on the top but the great but i prefer them for rpg games like fallout or not comp games
  • Good!

    By Sergey

    Great skills improving!
  • Great sticks so far

    By Jake W

    My first pair, Great so far. Plan to order more.
  • Worth it!

    By KingOfGaming

    Well worth every penny spent! KontrolFreeks really DO work in increasing accuracy and performance.
    I recommend Galaxy freeks for anyone looking for most players into zombies, SMGs, assault rifles, accuracy boosts etc.
    However if you prefer sniping/quickscope, then the Snipr freeks are a great option too :-)
  • loved it

    By bigsxy

    Instantly improved my gameplay and accuracy!
  • amazing

    By ghjk

    THE BEST EVER! u cant lose
  • BEST ONE !!!!

    By Adam

    I love this one so much!!! It's easy-to-use i started joining small clans cause of this!!!
  • A must buy for shooters

    By sh1nyfox

    The Galaxy sticks are so good I have a pair for my Xbox One controller AND a pair for my PS4 controller. They changed the feeling of the DualShock 4 entirely for the better, a must have for shooters!
  • Isntant improvement

    By Matlemad

    These instantly improved my accuracy and made my giant hands feel way more comfortable.
  • Sick

    By Allen

    Must have for Destiny players
  • Muy Buenos

    By Angelox

    Son muy bonitos a simple vista y confío de que me ayuden
    en la precisión a la hora de jugar Cod u otros juegos
  • More Accuracy

    By Abdullah

    If you want to enhance your accurate get this thing
  • Best at CQC

    By Elvis

    I love your products so much my friends let me in the CLAN when I got your product because now I'm better at CQC gun fights:)
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