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  • I love the Galaxy thumbpads.

    By Xylon

    I love the Galaxy thumbpads they make everything much more comfortable. They have improved my aim and k/d ratio significantly. They look great and feel even greater!
  • A good mix

    By Hamish

    These would have to be one of the best bundles. If your unsure of what size you need then this has a good mix of sizes for you to try. A must have.
  • Amazing

    By KA0T1C

    This is awesome and it is great for gamers.
  • Amazing

    By Nadeshot

    I use these grips for every tournament and game battle, they're perfection!
  • Change depends on the person playing

    By Takojak

    The kontrolfreeks don't nessesarily change your skill in the game all it does is give you a better shot (aim). If the person manages to master his/her shot they would be able to change the way they play on certain maps because one may have a really slow reaction time and would need to camp and others who have quick reaction like Mua could either rush his/her opponents or sit back and wait for them. Hope this msg doesn't insult anybody . # kontrolfreeks # for the win
  • Best pack ever!!!

    By Sebiz

    It was wonderful;):)!!!
  • Nice aim now

    By Hanzi Hinteseer

    I finally got a good KD <3
    Thanks! <3
  • Nice

    By Ayden

    These are sweglord 420
  • good

    By Justin

    i raised my kd from .86 to 5.99
  • Opinion

    By Ahmad salah

  • they work wonders!

    By zach

    Ever since I started using kontrol freeks my k/d rose from a .65 to a 1.58!! They work great and realm help with aiming and all three of these work great in their own ways.
  • Great product

    By Shanemo

    I bought some kontrol freaks for a buddy of mine and all my family and me and my buddy tryed them and there amazing they let u aim so much better and freely i cant even imagibe taking them off playing without there must need and they always go on sale or have promo codes to help make them affordable thanks alot guys
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