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  • Smooth

    By Chris

    These joystick are feeling the best right now
  • Amazing

    By YEET

    These improved me so much in zombies! :)
  • Nice

    By Xavier

    Grips helped me out a lot and felt wonderful.
  • FANTASTIC!!!!!!!!!!!

    By FEARLESS_978

    Helps me with gaming and looks good while playing zombies.
  • They look legit

    By Splicey

    they look amazing whats the price dow
  • good very good need to bring back

    By gabriel153k follow my instagram

    you should bring these back plz iwanna buy them
  • They help and look good too


    great for fans and look cool bet they do help
  • Excellent

    By Scooter

    I love these Kontrol Freeks. There my first ones I every bought, and I can't stop using them. There extremely comfortable and I'm a huge zombies fans you it was really nice for me to have Kontrol Freeks that have to do with zombies.

    Kontrol Freeks Rock!
  • Sick

    By AQUA x EXHO

    Sooo comfortable
  • Great

    By ECHO

    Very good
  • Smooth

    By Rock

    Nice and smooth
  • Nice looking

    By Boss7877

    These look like actual bottle caps
  • How good the product is

    By Fraser

    Great product would definitely recommend!!!
  • Best product

    By Keaton

    Best product for gamers
  • nothing to say

    By Oscaro

    nothing to say great product
  • Its Awesome

    By Awesomeness

    So its super super awesome

    By Emir5500

    Yesterday,I was cutting the grass,when postman gave me my new thumbsticks.They are so great.Thank you KontrolFreek company for makeing them
  • These kontrol Greeks look dope can you guys make other perks into kontrol freeks

    By xBHSgoober90006

    I really like using kontrol freeks I have been using since I gor my first ps3
  • Love theme,make them high rise

    By Anthony

    great preformance product as well as aesthetic wise love that juggernog theme man great idea, if only they were high rise that would make it even better!
  • I cant believe it!!

    By ArcanineMadafakaYT

    This KontrolFreek are awesome! Thanks to this thumbsticks i survive to my highest round ever (213)
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