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  • Awsome

    By MoMeister

    My setup is now on fleek!
  • GOOD

    By Seif

  • Great design

    By Joshua

    Looks awesome. Keep up the good work!
  • really good

    By akins09

    i liked it it weas relly good


    get the FPS CQC concave KF they will improve your aim by a significant amount! They will boost your KD if you don't get them your crazy!!!
  • Great

    By Stolgo

    It was a little bit hard to put, but at the end it looked awesome.
    This is looking great and made from a good metrial. Now my controller looks way better and also feels good.
    You should buy it.
  • Really Cool

    By Cheech & Chong

    I really love the skin but the only thing is that you really have to take your time putting it on. I also put on the FPS KontrolFreek and it looks awesome not to mention it's really helpful. My aim has really improved, I've turned from a 0.50 kd to a 0.96 kd - Advanced warfare
  • best of out best

    By Gunnar

    The look of this shield is amazing though there are some disadvantages (cons). it is really hard to stick it perfectly matching on your dualshock 4 because of many curves on it, also if you miss the perfect place for [ ], ^, X, O the sticker might be slightly blocking some of them, but that happens only if YOU did not place the sticker perfecly (which is quite hard). The "pros" are simple - really high quality sticker, and adhesive itself (many hours of gameplay done already and nothing is going off of my DS4) Overall rating by me for this product is the highest possible.
  • Bad gets torn up

    By Joe

  • I probably didn't put it on right

    By Zerocool

    I have ocd. The play station 4 skin has a few stickers to put on. The controller has a lot of curves and I couldn't get all the lines to match exactly and conform to the grip without puting a crease in it. The crease was hardly noticeable. I couldn't let it go. It did go on and come off without any residue. It was a good quality and as described.
  • great

    By x treme gamer

    its great! makes your controller look beast. only down side is a under your analog stick it get torn up by your control freaks
  • looks good

    By garrett monroe

    this makes your boring controller look beast.
  • awesome

    By mw3

  • cool

    By TheNinga

    a really nice design
  • Epic

    By moo

    i love the idea of a stylish but protective shield. keep it coming kontrolfreak
  • Excellent product.

    By Satto66

    Really ez to Install, a lot easier than i though!! Attach and deattach with a breeze!

    Highly recommend, will get some other one too! CQB looks bad ass.
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