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  • good for old gen and new gen

    By flapserflims

    i would recommend these if you like rushing and quickscopeing
  • These are dank af, dope af, and lit af

    By Chevy ridin on fo twunny fo's

    Just like my summary, these will make your game lit af, because, quite simply, these are dank af, not to mention dope af.
  • they are dank

    By yaboi

    get these bruhh!!! i recommend them!!!

    By kutzki

    Was playing Midnight Club LA and I hit a tough spot.... I bought these HOPING they'd help, but I didn't expect that they actually would. Beat 4 extra missions as soon as I got these. Same 4 missions I was having a LOT of trouble with. :) THANKS KONTROLFREEKS!
  • Buy this product

    By Collin

    I love them to death can't play without them
  • Good

    By Chicken Wangs

    These good y'all buy em
  • Good but can be slippery

    By Raqib

    Really amazing but if ur fingers slipped then well ur as good as gone. Most of the time u will be fine though. Jst need time to get used to it
  • Very convenient

    By Tactical

    Best thing I would use. Nothing else
  • Awesome!

    By Jazab

    OMG my game has improved so much!!
  • very good and is useful

    By hasham

    It makes a different to the way you play
  • gr8

    By REDJAM03

    Must buy

    By Dilnier

    Recommend this product sharpens reflectses
  • Amazing

    By DEEZ Nuts

    Helps me aim and be better at Call Of Duty.
  • good

    By bob

    helped me a lot for racing games
  • Excellent

    By johnny

    These KontrolFreeks helped me a lot with need for speed and I outsped sooo many cops with them!
  • Amazing

    By Dipzy

    Really great product. Helps massively with speed!
  • Amazing.

    By David Bews

    Pro:Extra speed , slightly flexible and boost my performance. There like teddy bears hugging your fingers XD
    They are realy great , they help boost my K/D ratio and I'm enjoying COD alot more now , there great value for mney and I would recomend theese to anyone!
  • eOlhQZqEYIFV

    By Dotty

    BION I'm imrpesesd! Cool post!
  • xbox biased

    By Daniel Haddix

    Pro:Great control
    Con:not comfortable on a PS3 controller
    The speed freek was great but its not that comfortable using the ps3 controller.
  • 100% Disappointed

    By Gary

    Pro:no slipping thumb
    Con:the attachment mechanism catches on the gamepad edges and sticks - Price
    I genuinely dislike reviews which are negative simply to be negative, which is why it pains me to write this review. Regarding the ""Speed Freaks"" I was thoroughly disappointed. My big cons were ...

    1. The thumb ""cradle"" is huge so there's a good deal of play within the control. I was expecting something more snug so that when I moved my thumb the stick would move as well. Not the case here.

    2. Perhaps my BIGGEST complaint is that the design of the prongs which attaches the ""Freak"" to the stick catches or snags on of the molding of the gamepad itself. I frequently get stuck and can't turn, then when you push the stick past the snag it lurches to the side inevitably driving you into a wall or some other barrier.

    3. Price. Normally these issues I chalk up to ""lesson learned"" I throw it away and look for something better but ... these are SO EXPENSIVE I am hoping that they offer a refund or something. I purchased a ""Gamer Pack"" thinking that the FPS Freaks might come in handy as well for making more minute steering adjustments. For what cost more than half of a new Ferrari Racing GamePad, I received 4 attachable plastic ""nobs"" that I would not have paid more than $7 for had I seen them in a store. The FPS Freaks were not quite as disappointing, but, where I was hoping to be able make more minute adjustments to the steering of the car, I instead was having to make much larger, sweeping movements to make regular turns. And these snagged as well. Not as bad because these used only 3 prongs to attache to the controller and it could be positioned so that it wouldn't snag as badly. But because I had to made such wide movements it would swing far enough to snag a prong anyway.


    1. Reduce the profile and number of the prongs and this time TEST. There is no way that this would not be noticed if some testing as done.

    2. Make the ""cradle"" more adjustable so that it fits more snuggly on the thumb/finger.

    3. Make a concave button similiar to the FPS Freak, but make it sit low on the stick. The factory ""round-headed"" sticks are horrible for grip whereas the concave FPS Freak tops were great. Just that they were extended too far from up the original stick and again the prongs interfered with the gameplay.

    I don't know if I'm going to my refund or not but I would like too. It was a lot of money to lay out for something that didn't work for me. I am going to invest in a new driving controller instead. Almost the same $$.

    I actually hope, however, that they improve on these products. I believe that their head is in the right place and they have the right idea. It just suffers from poor execution.

    - G
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