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  • Bad.... ;(

    By DerPlayz

    When u got home and put it on my Xbox one controller I was like AWESOME!!! I woke up this morning to find it not sticking to the controller....

    I am sad now ;(
  • Very good and preetty

    By Aidan

    I loved it
  • Looks great and easy to install

    By mk

    Looks great and is easy to install. Can be repositioned easily if you're a perfectionist trying to space every piece evenly.
  • Admiral

    By Khamal

    This is so good hopefully you would get one for tmartn and elite shot

  • Shsjd

    By Steven

    This is soo good
  • Nice

    By Stan

    very Comftorbale and nice 5 stars
  • Admiral

    By VonixGamingHD

    The color of the product is very vibrant and it is also bright which I like for my controller.
  • Awesome

    By Mr1man

    The color of the product is very vibrant and bright which I like
  • cool

    By Nick

    Really fancy and cheap cost
  • great color

    By xxxACExxKING

    it has a great look and i like the anti smudge on it, its perfect for anyone who wants to show off their controllers i would use it and my friends would be like woah
  • Wow

    By Shayan

    Wow these look great I think I am going to get them for the XB1. What do u guys think
  • soo cool

    By luke

    This was easy to apply and looks amazing on the xbox one
  • By DarkFire

    By DarkFire

    it's not really worth eleven dollars, it only makes the controller look nice
  • Sick Nasty Awesome!

    By Darryl

    Great product! Easy to put on and it looks aweome! I use these with the grips and thumbsticks for a sick setup!
  • Feels Nice and Looks Good!

    By TheAZGamer

    This skin fits super well on the Xbox One controller and looks super nice! I love how it feels and, while it doesn't improve gameplay, protects the controller from any dirt and I can't stress how much I love this. Thanks KontrolFreek!
  • It is very awesome

    By Cod Fanboy Portugal

    The shield looks absolutely awesome. Soon i will get my Admiral Armor Shield for my PS3 controller!
  • pretty good

    By Liam

    it's not really worth eleven dollars, but it makes the controller look nice and stuff.. so yeah, it's alright.
  • amazing

    By RbRn

    love the design and colours
  • Great

    By Joey

    Great product easy to use
  • Very nice!

    By Jan

    Very easy to use and this is very nice!
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