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  • Nice armor

    By ulysse molesini

    Nice color and grip
  • Good for using smg and assault rifles

    By Basicmeth

    It's good for getting good k/d
  • Looks amazing

    By Owen

    This is definitely recommended looks even better in person
  • NICE


    Love the color and the feeling of it.
  • So Fresh and So Green Green

    By JRockit

    I really like this design, and it looks sweet on what use to be a boring plain black controller. Not sure it would look that great on my white controller tho. So I got an Admiral for that one.
  • Amazing

    By dylan

    The shield looks amazing
  • Amazing

    By Sandstone

    Great way to customise your controller
  • best item ever

    By calijah

    Good looking on the Black PS4 controller and makes controller 10× better
  • Very good look,but hard to apply

    By Feildbike425

    It looks really good and does not come off easy. My only problem is it was hard to apply and the ends tend to get bubbles when it is not applied right
  • Grips

    By Nicholas

    Really cool look sleek and very comfortable on the hands
  • great item

    By HailStormGaming

    Good looking on the Black PS4 controller and makes controller 10× better
  • its amazing looking

    By yooooooyo

    this is really cool and doesn't come off easy
  • great product over all

    By Alex

    I orded this product great now when i play my controller looks better
  • The design is all sweetness

    By The King Baaaaaaaby

    Looking to give your controller a makeover? Look no further. The color and design of this shield pops like the weasel and never stops singing... I'm talking a range of 12 octaves. If you're considering, just buy it.
  • marmadudito

    By planed

    esta barato y es bueno
  • All in All great product

    By "Tobucus "

    Loveing that awsome green color with an even awsomer KF logo on it.
    PS: The controler looks even cooler with some phantom FPS freeks on it 2
  • Excellent

    By xSoCcEr4evax

    I did a Giveaway for that product and the person who Won loves it. He said that it was simple to add on, it's comfortable and not that distracting. The only issue is the Shipping took a while but overall it's Great
  • Kontrolfreek - ultra

    By ali1305c

    Bought these as saw that Ali-A and EliteShot were both using the joystick extenders so I thought I would order some and try them out for myself. Since I have put them on which is about a month now I noticed the difference in aiming and moving straight away. So took a while to get used to, but once had sorted controller settings out in game and got used to them I am now playing the best call of duty I have since ive bene playing online. Awesome bit of kit guys could not ask for anything better. Now have them paired with the CQC signature and they look awesome on the controller. Keep up the good work guys :) thankyou for an awesome product.
    Also delivery time from US to UK was astonishingly fast for the distance they had to come. I received them a week after I had ordered them so cannot thankyou enough.
  • Grunge shield ps4

    By ali1305c

    Saw this product on the kontrolfreeks website and thought it would be nice to make my standard ps4 controllers look better. Purchased this product and put it onto controller straight away and the difference it make to the controller is unreal. It brightens up the controller and makes it look so much more pleasant and nice looking compared to the old standard black controller. Couldn't of wished for it to look any better. Good job guys. Thanks
  • Kontrol Freeks.

    By Indy.

    Have used kontrol Freeks since i first found out about them,must be a few years now, used them on every controller i had with my 360, now that i have progressed to Xbox one i kitted out both controllers with freeks, i personally use the FPS Freek CQC Signature which suits me fine, could not play without these fantastic clip on`s, they suit me as i have large hands and makes my online gaming that bit more easier, i would recommend anyone who enjoy online gaming to at least try them, they take a few games to get use too but once you have mastered them you will wonder how you ever got by without them, go for it be a Freek.
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