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Why FPS Freek CQC?

CQC and FPS Freek

As many of you FreekNation loyalists already know, last night we officially released the FPS Freek CQC. We are very excited to get this great attachment on your controller, but first, I wanted to take a few minutes to explain some of the benefits and reasoning behind the new CQC.

Since the very beginning, customer feedback has been our number one source of determining the products that we bring to market. Without you, we’d probably still be working on developing time travel mouse pads or adamantium implants for domestic pets—so, we thank you for all of your input and direction over the years. FPS Freek CQC was developed just for you!

Some people have small hands—not freakishly small or anything—just small. Female gamers and 13 year-old boys, for example, have smaller hands than NBA players do, generally. So it makes sense that there should be an FPS Freek that’s more accessible for people with different hand-spans.

FPS Freek CQC isn’t only for those with smaller hands, though. Testing has shown that our current FPS Freeks have a slight adjustment period that varies from person to person. That period is almost nonexistent with the lower rise of the CQC, making it a great “in-between” FPS Freek. Moving to the FPS Freek from the CQC is again less dramatic, causing adjustment periods to go away almost completely.

Using the CQC alone also brings your thumbs back closer to the controller’s face buttons without sacrificing precision control. This creates a more natural feel while also adding an insane level of grip and comfort over stock Xbox 360 or PS3 thumbsticks. Trust me when I tell you that you will leave the CQC attached to your thumbsticks all the time, no matter what game you’re playing. They are that good!

Another great reason to try a set of FPS Freek CQC is that they are fantastic when mixed and matched with other FPS Freek products. Use a single CQC on your left or right thumbstick in-step with your favorite FPS Freek on the opposite stick and discover a custom combination of deadly accuracy that’s just right for you. Try out some different combinations and be sure to tell us about your favorite on our Facebook wall.

Honestly, no matter how you play, CQC is another FPS Freek you’ll be glad to have in your arsenal.

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