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Thread: 8 months later

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    8 months later

    Ok, so I've been using my FPS Freeks for over 8 months now, and I thought I'd take the time to post a little review. At first, they felt weird, and I didn't like that I had to stretch my thumbs - I use them on both sticks because its actually better for your thumbs that way. It took a few days of playing mw2, but I got used to them pretty quickly. After the initial testing phase, I started to see some small improvements in my accuracy, and my speed getting on target. It felt like I was faster at aiming. I play at a pretty high sensitivity (7-9) and The FPSFreeks allow me to get more range of motion, and it feels like I'm able to be more precise when I move the stick. A few weeks in, and I decided to remove them and try a few games without. Bad move. It now felt like I was slower and my aim was terrible. I even put the sensitivity up to 10...but it just wasn't the same. So after 8 months of solid use, all I can say is that I love these things. I never take them off my controller. Now the bad part: I'm not a crazy gamer in the sense that I'm on all day or anything. The most I'll play games is about 4 hours a week. Maybe more, maybe less. These things are damaging my ps3 controller. They are scraping off the paint and digging into the plastic shell of the controller. All the while, they are also scraping off the plastic on the FPS as well (the teeth that connect to the stick). It's obviously not affecting the performance of the controller, but still....FPS Freeks are $10...PS3 controllers are $55. Thats my only quip. They work well, but are damaging my gear. Fix this and you'll have a truly amazing product. Keep it up guys. Matt

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    "Damaging" may be a strong word for some minor rubbing but I know what you are talking about. The new "three prong" design fixes that issue.



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