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Thread: MLG LEGAL?

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    is kontrol freeks products MLG legal?...like are they accepted to be used in an MLG tournament?

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    This is my first post but I can answer your question. Someone has asked the same question and it was answered by a Kontrol Freek employee."Q) I know I can use these in the comforts of my home online, but can I use them at LANs and at MLG events?A) We are proud to say FPS Freeks have been sanctioned for MLG events. "Hoped that help, if it didn't then I don't know what will lol.

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    yes you can take and use them at mlg events. we are not user yet about other tourney locations but mlg has give us the green light, thanks.

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    Check out the rules on the official MLG forums here: http://forums.majorleaguegaming.com/topic/159842-general-mlg-event-information/<em>edited by trevor on 5/17/2011</em>



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