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Thread: FPS Freak Help

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    FPS Freak Help

    im about to buy the FPS Freak but before i do i need to know two questions.1.DO they brake easily2.is Spead Freak only for racing games or can it be used for MW2 Call of duty

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    I am no employee, but I can tell you the FPS freeks do not break easily, but can possibly damage your controller when you pull them off depending on how careful you are.As for the SpeedFreeks, some people put a speedfreek on the left analog stick, they say its good for strafing, and some people shave a bit off the FPS freeks (since they are bigger than the regular analog sticks) and put the speedfreeks overtop the fps freeks. Though I would personally keeping the speedfreeks for racing games and FPS freeks for shooters.Its all up to the player from there-on,Hope I helped,Adam



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