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    To all looking for sponsorship!

    I am creating this to help clean this up a little bit.Sponsorship is a mutually beneficial agreement between a company and a team or player. A company gives a team or player discounts, free product, and/or money in return for positive representation. The goal is to generate income for the company and support the team or player at the same time. Sponsorship is a two-way street, not just a way for you to get cheap or free gear. As a sponsored player it is your job to promote the company as much as possible to get people interested in their products or services. So on with my list of things to help you get sponsored. Kontrol Freek gets crazy amounts of requests for sponsorship. Why would Kontrol Freek work with and potentially send product to a team that has only been around for a few weeks or a couple months? I don't care if your team is 250-0 in the three weeks you have been together. The facts are the turnover for gaming teams is insane! 99% of teams will not make it longer than a season. At least for me I rather sponsor a team that is 500-300 that has been around for a bunch of seasons rather than put my resources into a team that won't be around more than a couple of weeks.I also see tons of singles/doubles requests. To my knowledge (someone from KF can correct me if I am wrong) KF does not sponsor any singles/doubles (Those who say they are would be lying or they are sponsored by a community that has the support of KF in forms of discounts. ex. Pure Talent Gaming). Not only would it be a bad business move to sponsor 99.9% of singles/doubles teams but singles/doubles teams don't NEED a sponsorship! Being honest you are more than likely looking for free product because you don't want to spend $10 to improve your game!Lastly don't type like this:"my name is cody from We aRe pRozZ, well u spenser us ,were are 65-0 on gb,, we never got beat yet, we want to know if yud give us kontrol freaks and money for creidts and lans,we rplaying arer first gb turnament this month we can put ur name in our blast, let me know or hitme back on aim"So be realistic. If your request sounds like the following you will not get a sponsorship: "Sponsor my team. We are 21-1. Soon we will be top page. We need a sponsor really bad!" (Ironically enough that's what 95% of the requests I have seen look like). If you don't have a established TEAM you won't get sponsored, and If you NEED to be sponsored for singles/doubles. Don't waste your time.To submit a request reguarding sponsorship please visit the following links.http://www.kontrolfreek.com/Sponsorships.aspand/orhttp://www.kontrolfreek.com/Sponsorship_form.aspThat's the ONLY way you can get sponsored. Shane"ViciouS"Team Reign<em>edited by xShaneK on 10/21/2010</em>

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    Im looking for a sponsership but not for a team. Its a western canadian league. We are trying to get it big and we need help. People won't event unless good prizes will be there. Anyway just saying lol

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