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    @JD_2020 on twitter posted a tweet stating that quickscoping is cheap and that they were going to remove it from the game. I personally enjoy to quickscope occasionally for a bit of fun and to mix things up a bit.What are your opinions on the matter?Thanks,Xegza - Brad

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    I don't hate quickscoping by any extension of the term. But the problem that arises from the rise of mainstream quickscoping is the plethora of copycats; people who cannot quickscope and go into domination matches with a K/D of .2 trying to get 360 no scopes across the map. and not ever playing the objective. In moderation it is okay, but with MW2 it got excessive. They will be rolling back the nerf gradually in an attempt to find the balance between pro-quickscoping and anti-quickscoping sentiments.

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    I realize this is a bit late but to me if they removed quick scoping from any game or sniping in general it would ruin the game 100% for me and a lot of players especially me being a competitive sniper. For a lot of playing its not just they want to sniper to act cool to get clips etc some people find sniping and quick scoping a way of gaming itself. If there weren't amazing sniping montages and things like that I don't even think gaming would be were its at now , I can personally say right now if a FPS game or TPS game doesn't have the option of quick scoping even if its hard or a bit challenging like say Gears of war compared to Call of Duty if it doesn't have any possible chance or doing quick scoping it will be a 100% failure and will be lucky if it reaches 30K sells. Even battlefield 2 had a good sniping system.

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    Quckscoping gone?

    I understand that is the only way some people can play, but honestly quick scoping is lame. Makes the game feel unrealistic you think in real life snipers are out there running around quike scoping? No, because it is not impossible. COD is popular for attention to detail if they feel quick scoping is necessary so they don't lose what maybe a fraction sales than make it so quick scoping is not a one shot kill.

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    But when you think about it COD games are not complete carbon copies of real combat. If they were the game wouldn't be nearly as fun to play; I mean a soldier doesn't get to pick which perks he wants to use befor running into battle. But I do agree that in objective based games or games where a team is involved its really not right to be trying to quickscope accross the map for gameplay footage to add to youtube or whatever. But if you took out quickscoping completely it would be a HUGE nerf to anyone running a sniper class. Quickscoping is necessary for a sniper who finds himself in CQC. And myself not really being much of a sniper at all give props to players who have the skill level to use a sniper rifle in CQC while trying to find a new vantage point to shoot from because just like any other class if you stay in one spot too long you are going to end up getting yourself killed. I mean damn I miss running with the M40 w/ACOG or just the M40 w/regular scope from the origional Modern Warfare. Sorry, kind of a long winded response. In my opinion quickscoping has been a part of all past COD games and it should be part of future ones as well.



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