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Phantom is this year’s nod to everybody’s favorite first-person shooter, Call of Duty, and was inspired by the theme of Infinity Ward’s latest iteration, Ghosts. The intricate white-on-white, laser-etched design is hauntingly beautiful, rugged and offers an exceptional amount of grip.

FPS Freek Phantom was explicitly designed to perform in medium-to-long-range combat situations typical of the Call of Duty franchise. The taller (1/2 inch), concave thumbstick adds 40% more linear motion, enhancing precision and control to improve accuracy and comfort during marathon Prestige sessions. With these benefits, you can get the most out of every weapon type and take your K/D ratio to the next level.

  • Improved accuracy while aiming
  • Range of motion increased by 40%
  • Concave pad for grip and comfort
  • Reduces hand and thumb fatigue
  • Makes target acquisition much faster

Works great in games like:

  • Call of Duty: Ghosts
  • Battlefield 4
  • Killzone: Shadow Fall
  • Grand Theft Auto V
  • Call of Duty: Black Ops 2
  • Halo 4


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  • Great product

    By Huskerkid

    Works great! I like the improved height!
  • Perfect. Comfortable. Essential.

    By nouseforajer

    When I bought my PS4 I read horror stories about the analog sticks tearing and wearing out very quickly. So I did my research on analog stick covers. I actually found out about KontrolFreek through watching a youtube channel of a gamer chick from my home state of Minnesota. Optic Midnite. I saw that KontrolFreek's were sold at BestBuy so I headed to my local BestBuy to check them out in person. I was looking for the Vortex grips but they didn't carry those for the PS4 only the XboxOne sadly. I grabbed a set of the Phantom grips and headed home. I can't say enough about these things. They are so comfortable. I am a very average FPS player at best. Popped these bad boys on my controller. Slid Destiny into my PS4. And BAM! I was surprising myself in crucible matches. The only reason I couldn't give them 5 stars was because of two reasons. Although they are small reasons, they're still issues I can't see past. When you press down on the analog stick with these on, it can be difficult. The second issue I have with them is when I played NHL 15 with them, you need to flick the stick to create a quick wrist shot, the KontrolFreek kept popping off the stick and flying across the room. I'm taking advantage of the discounted price and buying a set of the Vortex grips and we'll see if those issues persist. I can't wait to collect the entire collection and I have been recommending these to all of my gamer friends. Cheers to all at KontrolFreeks!

    Buy these. The best stick covers you'll find. You may find other covers for a little cheaper on Amazon. In the end you're going to spend more money replacing those crappy covers. Buy these. Mix and match. Find the kind that fit your needs and comfort level.
  • These should be illegal XD

    By Daniel Bignoux

    Perfect for FPS for pinpoint accuracy, partner these up with my turtle beaches and I raised my K/D from 1.2 to a 3.0 K/D. These are well worth the money.

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Questions and Answers

NOTE: This Q&A is for FPS Freek Phantom questions only.

Q: will it protect my ps4 default thumb stick head ?

Posted On: 10/8/14 By: m7md

A: Yes!
Q: Multiple Questions: Would FPS Phantoms work in all shooter games, Is it good for all sorts of weapons, and Which is best one, Vortex or Phantoms?

Posted On: 10/5/14 By: Josh

A: Yes, yes, and it depends on preference they are both good choices!
Q: for a starter like me, what would be the best control freaks for snipers, Assult Riffles, Smgs that go well with bo2 and cod ghost

Posted On: 10/4/14 By: saul pujols

A: Phantom!
Q: Will these work on destiny I just ordered these and I hope they do

Posted On: 10/2/14 By: Jeremiah Love 191

A: Yes!
Q: I don't know witch one to buy, I'm more of a AR player in all kind of CoD. If anybody can help me???

Posted On: 9/29/14 By: Alex

A: The FPS Freek Phantom would be a good choice!

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