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The FPS Freek Snipr was designed for all of you long-range weapon users who only have one chance to take the shot.

FPS Freek Snipr's convex thumb surface is designed for optimum grip and comfort.

The extended length added by Snipr allows you to make smaller adjustments and "snap" to, track and hit targets faster and more accurately than stock thumb sticks. This added precision will surely help you get the most out of all medium to long-range munitions like sniper rifles and other scoped weapons.

Works great in games like:

  • Call of Duty: Ghosts
  • Battlefield 4
  • Killzone: Shadow Fall
  • Halo 4
  • Call of Duty: Black Ops II


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  • Highly Recommended For Those Who Seek a Huge Accuracy Boost.

    By @iiloyaal via Twitter

    I have been Sniping for 2.5 Years now on Call of Duty. I have had these same SNIPR Kontrol Freeks for over 6.5 Months Now and have come to tell you. Buying these Kontrol Freeks is the Best thing you could ever do for YOURSELF in starting or continuing your Sniping Career. Or if its not a Career, you still came to this page to improve your sniping with these Kontrol Freeks. BUY THESE! Highly Recommended! Tip from experience: Practice on Bots before any online activity. In Multiplayer Be patient, and know you will win the Gun Fight. Note: SNIPR Kontrol Freeks are ONE of the MANY products that can step up your game SNIPING in Call of Duty. Excellent for "Feeding" .
  • AWESOME!!!

    By Dani

    I got the FPS FREEK SNIPR for the DualShock 4 and it actually really does make me more accurate on COD games. A bit overpriced maybe, but I'd definitely buy another pair if I were to I were to lose them.
  • I used to love them

    By Obey Gryph

    When I first got them I loved them (first 6 months) but lately I have been getting annoyed, they ripped thee rubber of my controller , in my opinion you should get havoc, havoc is the ultimate sniping KF, habits good for Trickshoting and SNIPR is good for Feeding

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Questions and Answers

NOTE: This Q&A is for FPS Freek SNIPR questions only.

Q: Whoever is answering this can you tell me how the Snipe works?

Posted On: 9/23/14 By: Jeriel Borrero

A: It will snap on to your controller and add extra height.
Q: Can you trickshot with these

Posted On: 8/3/14 By: Sos

A: Yes! Sniprs are great for trickshotting.
Q: Does this work for quick scoping?

Posted On: 7/26/14 By: Jaden

A: Yes! Snipr is great for quick scoping.
Q: would these work for trick shotting if not which freeks would be the best for trick shotting

Posted On: 7/20/14 By: callum wrightson

A: Yes! Vortex is also a great choice for trickshotting.
Q: Are these the best kontrol freeks for quickscoping and trickshoting

Posted On: 6/14/14 By: Shane

A: Yes

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