One Shot. One Kill.

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The FPS Freek Snipr was designed for all of you long-range weapon users who only have one chance to take the shot.

FPS Freek Snipr's convex thumb surface is designed for optimum grip and comfort.

The extended length added by Snipr allows you to make smaller adjustments and "snap" to, track and hit targets faster and more accurately than stock thumb sticks. This added precision will surely help you get the most out of all medium to long-range munitions like sniper rifles and other scoped weapons.

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Works great in games like:

  • Call of Duty: Ghosts
  • Battlefield 4
  • Killzone: Shadow Fall
  • Halo 4
  • Call of Duty: Black Ops II


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  • Be Afraid!!

    By MarksmanMadness

    This is an absolutely wonderful product! Get ready to enter the field of quickscopers across the globe, cause you're gonna get owned. I used them for several months now and they have served me well. My accuracy has improved dramatically and I always win Gunfights. I play on COD Ghost and BF4 and I own every single person in the lobby. However, take note that it'll take some time to get used to. If you feel that you still can't adjust to the stick, be patient, and give it some time. I guarantee you that you will love it. Great product KF. Hope to see more great products!
  • amazing

    By zack

    these helped my aim sooooo much went from going 10 & 40 to going 48 & 20 very good
  • Kontrol Freeks

    By FurY x ShAd0wZz

    They are good but too expensive should be about $7-8

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Questions and Answers

NOTE: This Q&A is for FPS Freek SNIPR questions only.

Q: I love to snipe, use smg's and ar's in cod ghosts but im stuck between getting the FPS Snipers and the FPS Vortex which ones should i get to match me?

Posted On: 4/21/14 By: kody

A: Both are great choices for sniping, SMG, and AR but the Snipr is going to give you a little extra height so more precision.
Q: Will this product help with timing while trickshoting?

Posted On: 4/14/14 By: Zachary Kujawski

A: Yes!
Q: How is snipr different from FPS Freek CQC Signature? cuz i also use normal guns sometimes.

Posted On: 4/2/14 By: shoaib imran

A: The Snipr is taller than the CQC Signature. The Snipr can be used for normal guns as well. With the height it just provides more accuracy and precision.
Q: does this help with quickscoping?

Posted On: 3/31/14 By: Logan R.

A: Yes!
Q: are the snipr pack good for trickshots

Posted On: 3/30/14 By: johnny

A: Yes!

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