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GamerPack VX

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GamerPack VX helps gamers improve accuracy in any game and any situation. Each GamerPack Vortex includes one set of KontrolFreek® Classic and one set of FPS Freek® Vortex so you can find the stick combination that works for your individual gaming needs. Ships to your door completely free!

Trusted by numerous casual and professional gamers, our flagship KontrolFreek Classic was created with game-changing accuracy in mind. By increasing the length of the thumbsticks slightly (10.1 mm), precision and control are improved dramatically. Whatever the game, Classic will enhance your gameplay experience.

FPS Freek Vortex is the perfect combination for just about any gameplay situation. Vortex includes one tall, convex stick designed for accuracy, and one short, CQC-style stick that’s concave for comfort and grip. The taller stick (12.6 mm) is intended for your right thumbstick – to give you more leverage and precision while aiming. The lower profile CQC-style stick (6.1 mm) is designed to add grip to your left thumbstick without sacrificing maneuverability.

Works great in games like:

  • Titanfall
  • Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare
  • Grand Theft Auto V
  • Battlefield 4
  • Halo: The Master Chief Collection
  • Bioshock Infinite


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  • this is awesome

    By paul

    this is the best way to improve in gaming
  • Long vortex x2

    By 12Grams

    I use long vortex both sticks! I highly recommend these set!!!
  • Its alright

    By Nekro

    The black concave sticks tend to wear out easily, however the Vortex sticks are a bit more durable, its ok

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