Make'em Green With Envy
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Make'em Green With Envy

Whether you're a run 'n gunner, dog tag collector or shotgun-wielding super commando, FPS Freek CQC (Close Quarters Combat) Signature Series is the right tool for the job.

FPS Freek CQC Signature Series' newly formulated rubber compound and unique concave/convex thumb surface provide unsurpassed comfort and control. The slightly extended height added by CQC creates a seamless "in-between" feel for those who prefer less adjustment than taller FPS Freeks provide or have smaller hands. The CQC is also perfect for that often neglected left analog stick that could benefit from more grip without sacrificing quickness.

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  • Enhanced Grip
  • Quicker Movement
  • Improved Accuracy
  • Lower Profile
  • Perfect for Smaller Hands

"I really LIKE THIS the MOST! CQC is where it's at. The new layout on top gives me a little more grip..."
–Kelly "Mrs. Violence" Kelley

"OMG these things really do make a difference!"
–Gaming Illustrated

"The hybrid top is fantastic... I don't think I would go back now."
–Jonathan "Trumpfy" Trumpf

"I don't know how I could ever game without them. ... I have more control over my character which is great in fast-paced environments like Gears of War."

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