The new limited-edition performance thumbstick™ for Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare has landed.

The new limited-edition performance thumbstick™ for Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare has landed.


$17.99  |  PS4

$17.99  |  XBOX ONE

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Introducing KontrolFreek FPS Freek Call of Duty S.C.A.R.

Designed in close collaboration with Call of Duty and Infinity Ward to meet the demand of Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare. The official performance thumbstick™ of Infinite Warfare, FPS Freek S.C.A.R. features detailed skull and sickle logo on a concave steel gray thumb surface. Featuring deep laser etching for enhanced grip and increased height for pinpoint accuracy. FPS Freek S.C.A.R. is combat-ready - on land, sea, or space!


  • -   10.4 mm thumbsticks provide better accuracy and higher KDR
  • -   Taller height increases range of motion by 136%*
  • -   S.C.A.R.’s concave top cradles your thumb for optimum comfort
  • -   External ridges and laser-etching deliver precise grip and control


  • -   Shield Infinite Warfare looks great and keeps your controller free of dirt and grime
  • -   Rugged blue-on-grey S.C.A.R. camo pattern design pairs perfectly with FPS Freek S.C.A.R. for a total Infinite Warfare controller takeover
  • -   Peel-and-stick adhesive can be easily re-positioned without leaving residue
  • -   Protects your controller from dirt and grime


Hyped for the new Call of Duty Infinite Warfare? Show your S.C.A.R. allegiance & trick out your controller!
FPS Freek S.C.A.R. & Shield Infinite Warfare pair perfectly for an all-out intergalactic war!

*Increase in range of motion is +115% for Sony PlayStation 4 controller (+118% for Microsoft Xbox One).

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  • Great Product!

    By Sic Sensei

    They look incredible and have great grip!
  • Best KontrolFreeks yet?

    By John Riley

    Love the new design! Can't wait to play BO3 with these KontrolFreeks!
  • I love these!

    By Michael Keester

    They feel awesome and look great! My K/D definitely went up after playing a few games with them!

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