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Your opponents better run and hide—because against the new FPS Freek Vortex— NO ONE IS SAFE! With one full size, convex stick designed for accuracy, and one shorter, CQC-style stick  that’s concave for comfort and grip, Vortex represents the perfect combination for just about any gameplay situation.

The taller FPS Freek (0.49 inches tall) is intended for your right thumbstick – to give you more leverage and precision while aiming. The lower profile CQC-style sticks (0.30 inches tall) are designed to add grip to your left thumbstick without adding much height.

Though the two sticks differ in height and function, each one employs a soft and comfortable rubber thumb pad and features a laser-etched design that adapts to the pressure you put on it. The synergistic FPS Freek Vortex is ideal for those who desire enhanced precision for their aiming stick but only wish to add grip to their movement stick.

  • Convex right stick for enhanced precision
  • Improved accuracy while aiming
  • Makes target acquisition much faster
  • Concave left stick for grip and comfort
  • Reduces hand and thumb fatigue
  • Vortex design provides “grip on demand”

Works great in games like:

  • Titanfall
  • Call of Duty: Ghosts
  • Grand Theft Auto V
  • Battlefield 4
  • Call of Duty: Black Ops 2
  • Bioshock Infinite


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  • Mind blowing experience| addicting product of gaming

    By kendrick spence

    I was first skeptical of Kontrol Freeks before i borrowed my friends Ultra-x. It was the best experince for Call of Duty it improve my aim as well as my gunskill in every battle. I just had to purchase my own pair and i bought the Vortex as my first purchase. My friends saw way that i played and i gave my vortex to them and purchased another set. Juss so they can experience it and they love the vortex as well. Now our competitive CoD plays are fantastic to watch. I even made many videos on Youtube that shows the power of the vortex and Ultra-X.U can watch them in action at my channel
    kendrick spence. Go see my results guys
    this company is amazing.
    As to whom it may concern thanks for letting me submit a review of these great products.
  • Just Amazing

    By $wag

    These are just amazing for everything. I use them in ghosts and I'm ready for Advanced Warfare.
  • Great but colors

    By Havoc.Adrenaline

    Work great, I love them but it would be even better if they came in different colors, like I have a white controller with green detail and the Orange doesn't really blend

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Questions and Answers

NOTE: This Q&A is for FPS Freek Vortex questions only.

Q: do you think these would be good to use for black ops zombies?

Posted On: 9/30/14 By: kyle

A: Yep!
Q: Will this still work if i dont have that rubber on my controller?

Posted On: 9/19/14 By: Enrique

A: Our products are made to fit thumbsticks that still have the rubber on them. Unfortunately, they will not fit correctly on sticks that don't have it.
Q: Are the vortex good for quiqkscoping?

Posted On: 9/6/14 By: Rogelio

A: Yes!
Q: Are the Freek Vortex's removable and or interchangeable?

Posted On: 9/1/14 By: Drew

A: Yes! You can remove then and use them any way you would like.
Q: So I have a few questions FPS Freek creators! 1. Will these Vortexes do good with SMGs?2. Will the Vortexes improve my aim slightly in close range even if there mean't to be for med to long range gunfights. Thank you for answering!

Posted On: 8/20/14 By: Newfreekuser2077

A: Hello! Vortex is great for SMGs. Typically the shorter CQC style sticks work best for close range, so you can always switch the taller thumb stick with the shorter one.

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