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Futbol Freek was explicitly designed to enhance player control in football (or soccer) games like EA’s FIFA series and Pro Evolution Soccer. Take control of your game like never before with unmatched grip and maneuverability while adding comfort well into extra time!

Futbol Freek’s design was inspired by the classic 32-panel ball resting on a grassy green base. The design is simple yet beautiful—just like the game itself. The grooved, concave thumb pad cups the thumb, ensuring grip and control during mad sprints, counter attacks and sharp cutbacks.

When attached, the added height of Futbol Freek (7.6mm) delivers better accuracy and control without sacrificing agility. Scissor your way through opposing defenses and make perfect passes, accurate crosses, and precise shots on goal without losing your grip – or your cool!

Designed for tournament and competitive play, Futbol Freek has been approved for use in international events.

  • Increased grip
  • More precise movements
  • Improved Maneuverability
  • Better player control
  • More accurate shots and passes
  • Enhanced comfort

Works great in games like:

  • FIFA 2014
  • Pro Evolution Soccer 2014
  • Winning Eleven 2014
  • EA Sports 2014 FIFA World Cup


Customer Reviews Write a Review


    By IcanSeeCat

    Great accessories for ps4, It help so much when you try to pass or shoot in FIFA 15. Used to slip my finger when I rotate my analog, not anymore. Prevent those excessive rotation during pass, love it. 5 star for this item.
  • anti-skid. help me when in under pressure (Fifa 15)

    By djunarifta

    great gear
    more comfortable when playing
    anti-skid. help me when in under pressure (Fifa 15)
  • Great !

    By Tk

    They're good. The height isn't mentioned here (I checked everywhere, including the comparison page) and its the same as the CQC. (which is perfect at the time of purchase, as I didn't want any height increase. However, the Alpha has just been release with a lower height increase.)

    This is the only way to go to preserve your PS4 controller Analogue sticks when playing Fifa, as they (the original analogues) were obviously not made for the game. But it works well with other games aswell. The increased turning radius will help with racing games such as Project Cars as you can turn in more accurately.

    However, I wished these came in a smaller height (like the new Alphas) as the extra height isn't required in football games.

    Overall a great product and a decent price.

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Questions and Answers

NOTE: This Q&A is for Futbol Freek questions only.

Q: If I buy these Futbol Freek joysticks, will they fit on my PS4 controller?

Posted On: 9/10/14 By: Desmond

A: Yes! Just be sure to select the 'PS4' option when checking out.

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