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Customizing your favorite controller just got a lot easier!

KontrolFreek® Shields let gamers customize the look and feel of first-party Xbox One, Xbox 360, PS4, and PS3 controllers without expensive paint jobs or messy DIY projects.

Available in seven exciting designs, Shields look great and protect your controller from dirt and grime buildup. Shields can be removed easily and do not leave a sticky residue.

Shield Admiral adds a cool splash blue camo to your boring controller and looks great paired with your FPS Freek® Vortex and our entire line of FPS Freek products.

*Shield purchases do not include a pair of FPS Freeks.

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  • Bad.... ;(

    By DerPlayz

    When u got home and put it on my Xbox one controller I was like AWESOME!!! I woke up this morning to find it not sticking to the controller....

    I am sad now ;(
  • Very good and preetty

    By Aidan

    I loved it
  • Looks great and easy to install

    By mk

    Looks great and is easy to install. Can be repositioned easily if you're a perfectionist trying to space every piece evenly.

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Questions and Answers

NOTE: This Q&A is for Admiral questions only.

Q: Can i put the Grip on the cover or do I need to remove that part

Posted On: 6/15/2016 By: Stephan

A: Yup! Grips work fine on the shields.
Q: Is This Only A Sticker To Apply To The Controller,or Does It Come Looking Like That.Thanks

Posted On: 9/24/2014 By: MxR Gawley

A: It is a decal for your controller.
Q: What are the best recommended fps buttons for playing games like call of duty ghost

Posted On: 6/26/2014 By: Alexander

A: Phantom, Vortex, Ultra, Snipr
Q: Can the clean freek be used on this? Or would the sticker come off/get damaged in any way?

Posted On: 6/23/2014 By: Jason

A: No, it can be used.
Q: Hey can the sticker come off if we pull it by accident? Also can we get our name on the control on the left side?

Posted On: 6/22/2014 By: Skimmy

A: Yes, the sticker can be removed. Unfortunately, we do not do any custom work.

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