Football Freek

Precision dribbling. Tactical defending.

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Developed for the single purpose of performing better in football/soccer games like FIFA 13 and Pro Evolution Soccer, Football Freek is the first ever joystick accessory of its kind. Football Freek helps you master your skills on the pitch and adds comfort well into stoppage time.

Football Freek’s convex, Euro-style football design is intended for maximum grip and fits both Xbox 360 and PS3 controllers. Enjoy superior ball control and stay in command of every pass. From light touches to power shots on net, the added analog stick height and increased range of motion allows for smaller adjustments so you can put your ball exactly where you want it—in the goal. This allows fans of FIFA soccer to easily master new game features like Precision Dribbling and Tactical Defending.

Designed for tournament and competitive play, Football Freek has been approved for use in international events.

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Works great in games like:

  • FIFA 2014
  • Pro Evolution Soccer 2014
  • Winning Eleven 2014
  • FIFA 2013


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  • Not fit well to sticks

    By Tarek

    Pro:Good Control
    Con:Slip away from its place regularly. the 3 small corners that stick them to the control keeps stuck in the controller body when stick is moved in round position.
    I tried to use them. they feel more precise. however first bad thing is that they are out of their place regularly. second bad point is that when you move stick in a circulat motion, the low edge of the kontrol freek which stick it on the analog stick gets stuck on the ps3 control body
  • a Fifa Must!

    By Adam Padovese

    Great, simple product that makes a huge difference. I've always had difficulty aiming with analog sticks, but once I tried out the footballfreeks I was instantly sold. The only thing that buyers should know is that for the PS3 controllers its a tight fit so make sure the legs that snap under the analog sticks are 100% on. After that they have worked like a charm!
  • thanks you saved my life

    By loST x GRINDAGE

    i was hitting some shots and also i have a xbox account and i hit some awesome trickshots

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Questions and Answers

NOTE: This Q&A is for Football Freek questions only.

Q: is there a other product for xbox one that i can use for fifa games?

Posted On: 4/2/14 By: Pedro

A: The CQC Signature would be the best bet!
Q: Do these work on Xbox One controllers?

Posted On: 3/25/14 By: DAVE

A: No, not at this time.
Q: Are these only good for fifa? Would these work good for other sports games?

Posted On: 3/18/14 By: Dylan

A: They are great for FIFA but also great for other games too!
Q: Are these compatible with the PS4 controller?

Posted On: 2/27/14 By: Simon

A: Unfortunately, they are not.
Q: I play COD and FIFA mostly, which freek is the best?

Posted On: 5/9/13 By: jon

A: Try a Havoc and Football Freek.

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