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Hoops Freek was developed for all of you basketball fanatics who live for March Madness and have more copies of basketball games on your shelf than Phil Jackson has championships. A must-have for fans of  NBA 2K, the Hoops Freek analog stick enhancement gives you the finesse to control the game during clutch situations, like driving the hole or launching the buzzer beater.

The convex, basketball-textured thumb pad features an unrivaled grip and also adds a touch of sexy to your PS4 or Xbox One controller. Showcase your skills like never before and unleash your favorite players' best moves like Kobe Bryant's fade away jumper, Kevin Durant's turnaround jump shot and LeBron James' slam dunk with greater ease thanks to the added precision and comfort the Hoops Freek provides. 

Deny the defense every time and take the opposing team to school with the increased control 40% more leverage allows. In short, this increased accuracy and decreased thumb fatigue helps you take your game to the next level.

With this year's basketball games placing such a high emphasis on player movement and ball handling you'd be insane to play without Hoops Freek!

Works great in games like:

  • NBA 2K15
  • NBA 2K14


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