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Speed Freek APEX is for virtual racers looking for the winning edge in every corner of every lap.

APEX was engineered to help you reach the fastest lap times possible in racing games while using your PS4, PS3, Xbox One or Xbox 360 controller. The “U” shaped attachment helps you make more precise movements on the track while not allowing your thumb to slip as you hold long turns. This improves your car’s handling characteristics and gives you the ability to make sharper, more accurate movements without the need for bulky and expensive wheel and pedal combinations. In short, Speed Freek APEX gives you more comfort and control during tense racing situations.

  • Fast lap times
  • More precise movements
  • Greater comfort and control
  • Reduces hand and thumb fatigue
  • Less thumb slippage through long turns

Works great in games like:

  • Forza Horizon 2
  • The Crew
  • Nascar '14
  • F1 2014
  • iRacing


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  • It's...ok

    By True Wittness

    Its great for side to side. But if you push up in anyway , be prepared for a sharp edge.
  • Dreadful

    By Bunty

    This is a load or rubish it arrived broken 2x clips broken off so would not stay on joystick. Contacted kontrolfreek and they sent a replacement that broke just after 5 hours of use the rubber pad came off. Contacted kontrolfreek and they just issued a refund and would not send a replacement. By doing this they are saying they can not guarantee the speedfreek quality and they know that they just brake as they are very cheaply made and they are of very thin plastic so I was very disappointed with this product and with the customers services from kontrolfreek as at no point did they offer a different product or an apology
  • Precision

    By Stumptown

    I have been using the speed Freek since they first hit the market. The only functional solution to a standard controller since the legendary and incomparable NeGcon on the PS1. Now the APEX improves on the original. The attachment to the controller has been reengineered and stays in place much better than before. The increased distance from the axis of rotation, increases the curvilinear travel distance and precision of control. As cool as having a Porsche replica Fanatec double force feedback wheel with aluminum pedals, and paddle shifter would look, it is arguably inferior to a $10 APEX. Obviously they enhance car racing games (especially F1 2013) but try them on two wheels MotoGP 14, MotoGP 08, SBK X, Tourist Trophy, MotoRacer, Suzuki TT Superbikes(seriously) and Road Rash. I use them on my xbox360, xboxOne and on my PS3 (using a wired xbox360 controller and converter cable). PDX \m/

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