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The TD Freek controller accessory for PS3 and Xbox 360 was created for all of you armchair quarterbacks who dream in X's and O's and love the sound of crunching pads. A must-have for fans of Madden and NCAA Football, the TD Freek helps you gain the upper thumb during tense situations, like fourth and goals, when precision is a must.

The convex, laced thumbstick grip looks great and virtually eliminates thumb slippage. Take control of your ball-carrier like never before: juke, spin, stutter and high step with greater ease thanks to the added comfort and leverage that the TD Freek provides.

On the other side of the ball: break through the offensive line, target the QB and sack him dead-on due to the increased accuracy 40% more leverage allows. In short, this increased accuracy and decreased thumb-fatigue puts the game in your hands. Period.

Works great in games like:

  • Madden 2014
  • NCAA Football 2014



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  • Awesome

    By John

  • I Am Sold On These

    By YerNemesis

    Pro:Great feel, Easy to use, Great price
    Con:Takes getting use to, They are not free
    I purchased a pair about two weeks ago to play COD and NCAA13. I bought the TD Freek because they were cheaper than the Freek Sniper. I wanted to get the cheapest pair, as I believed they were not as good as advertised. Well I WAS WRONG. I will admit I was wrong. In fact now I cannot play any game with out them on the controller. I hav really big hands and the stock sticks on the XBOX controller are way to short for me. these are the perfect solution. The only issue I have know is that I use a SCUF style controller to play FPS games and a standard controller for sports games. This means i have to switch the freeks everytime I change games. So I am ordering another pair. I highly recommend these. I was playing COD on a 2-3 sensitivity and now in BLOPS2 I cam play comfortably on MAX sensitivity with the same accuracy.
  • Worth $30, only $10 - Must buy!

    By Dre

    Pro:Quality, Great Feel, Really Works!
    Changed the game! Product is great, quality feel, and really improves my control playing NCAA on XBOX. Would recommend to anyone.

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Questions and Answers

NOTE: This Q&A is for TD Freek questions only.

Q: what game can I use this freek for?

Posted On: 5/9/13 By: will

A: They were made with Football games in mind but you can use them for whatever game you like.

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